The Fall is Falling!

Alloy Orchestra:

Fall Time is Tour Time for Alloy Orchestra. Here is our fall schedule:

Sept. 21 Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, VT. “Man with a Movie Camera”.
Sept. 23 Coolidge Corner theater, Brookline, MA. “Underworld”.
Sept. 27 and 28: Hamilton College, Clinton, New York. “The General” and “Metropolis”.

Midwest Tour (“Gallery of Monsters”; “Speedy”; “Metropolis”; “Variete”‘ “The General”):
Oct.17 – Oct.31: Bloomington, IN; Detroit, MI; Kansas City, KS; Lawrence, KS; Lincoln, NB; Omaha, NB; Iowa City, IA; Nashville, TN; Columbus, OH; Cleveland, OH.

Nov.1: Rochester, NY. “Man with a Movie Camera”.
Nov. 8 – 9: Cornell University, Ithaca NY. “Metropolis” and “Gallery of Monsters”.
Nov.16-17. AFI Silver, Silver Spring, MD. “”Metropolis”, “Variete” and “Gallery of Monsters”.
Nov.23: Three Rivers Film Festival, Pittsburgh, PA. “Gallery of Monsters”.

Our new score for 2019, for the film “Gallery of Monsters”, was commissioned by Indiana University Cinema and the Indiana University Office of the Bicentennial. The film is set in a circus, which suits the group just fine! It will premier at Indiana University in Bloomington on October 17. The Blu Ray with our score will be released Spring 2020 by Flicker Alley.

Another upcoming release is Rudolph Valentino’s “The Black Eagle”, on Kino Lorber/Lobster Films. with our score from many years ago. This has now been released in DVD and Blu-Ray and the band will have it with us for sale at shows! 

Display Case Indiana University

Alloy Orchestra Display Case at Indiana University.


Trinary System:

Dusted Magazine Review:
“Trinary System continues in the elegant, abstract, agitated firestorm tradition of Miller’s Burma’s songs, with an unmistakable swagger.”

Magnet Review:
ESSENTIAL NEW MUSIC: “If Mission of Burma at its best had the jostling, bounded chaos of a really physical basketball game, Trinary System is a bit more like pro soccer.”

The band is working on new material for the next album. They are on a bit of a hiatus due to Alloy’s fall touring schedule, but will be playing in January and Spring 2020. They are hoping to record the next album late spring/early summer 2020.

The 2019 LP “Lights in the Center of Your Head” available here:
Vinyl from Feeding Tube!
Digital from our Bandcamp!


Photo Ben Stas

Hey, Where’s Andrew? Photo by Ben Stas.

Transmuting the Prosaic Updates:

The Modified Vinyl piece “Audio/Visual/Audio” (12″ ), where Miller draws with sound on a record, is currently being test-cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering (thanks Bob!).  The audio record for “Signals Calls and Marches lyric edits b/w Four Bars of a Bach Fugue” (7″ ) is shortly going off for pressing. The etching into vinyl for both the “Signals Calls and Marches Lyrics” and “Tone Arm” (thanks Joanne Kaliontzis!) will be sent off shortly (12″ ). The audio mixing for the film Davis Square Symphony  is due in early December (thanks Michael Bierylo!).

The new looper, the Boomerang III, is here and is amazing. Getting ready for essential Elemental Guitar/Dream-state guitar composing in November/December.

“Music for String Quartet and Two Turn-tables” is under way: deducing record noise and other audio for the primary 12″ record that structures the composition. A general map of the String parts has been created. Analysis for use of the turn-table live (thanks Mr. Rourke!) has also begun. This will be intense.

A_V_A early sketch

Early sketch for Audio/Visual/Audio.


“B.Mez.” is an improvisation group grown out of the more formal “Birdsongs of the Mesozoic”. Miller has kept up his association with them (Michael Bierylo, Rick Scott and Ken Field), and they had a great improv. recording session at the very comfortable HearStudios in Maine last May. A CD release is likely from the very spontaneous material. And on Nov.21 Miller will be sitting in w/them (they always have one “roving member”) at the Lizard Lounge. Wasn’t Roger just there improvising with Club d’Elf?

B.Mez. Frott

Origami Haiku frottage during the B.Mez. sessions. (incomplete)


It’s been a super dense summer of work for both Deb and I, but to relax we like hitting art museums that have excellent grounds for walking, like the Clark and the Decordova (where my written description of Joe Wardwell’s piece “Change will do you Good” was on a plaque next to said painting). Relaxing as well as idea generating.

Eye Roger. Photo Debra McLaughlin

Clark Art Museum. Roger looking through a free poster from the Venetian Bicentennial (from Luanda). Photo: Debra McLaughlin.

Summer 2019 (hoping not extremely hot)

Trinary System

Sun., July 14, at Great Scott opening for Messthetics.
Sat., Sept.14, at Basilica Soundscape Festival, Hudson NY. Trinary System on at 3pm.

Trinary System’s first full album, “LIGHTS IN THE CENTER OF YOUR HEAD”, is out now!

Vinyl from Feeding Tube!
Digital from our Bandcamp!
And HERE is the video for the lead-off track, “When the Dust Settles”.

LP Cover suitable for head replacement. Photo: Andrew Willis


Alloy Orchestra

Upcoming shows:

Sat., July 20 Brooklyn NY. Prospect Park Bandstand, Free!
The film is VARIETE, a dark circus silent.
Sun., Aug.4: Traverse City Film Festival.
Sat., Sept.21: Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, VT
Mon., Sept.23: Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA


In July we are recording our score to “The Black Eagle”, starring Rudolph Valentino, for
Blu-Ray/DVD release on KINO-Lorber Fall 2019.

Valentino in his Russian garb in The Black Eagle.


Transmuting the Prosaic Updates

First, thanks to everyone who contributed to my Kickstarter for this in March! It was quite successful, and that’s why I am able to do the following:

Dream-State Guitar:
I’ve acquired some new devices for my Dream-State Guitar setup, and now am the proud owner of three (yes, three) Lap-Steel Guitars on stands for preparations and alterations. Expanding the sonic palette.

Modified Vinyl:
Focus has been applied to creating these vinyl/record objects in a clear and cost-effective manner. So far, so good.
I’m holding off on the composition “Music for String Quartet and Two Turn-tables” for now, concentrating instead on other details. Once I get into this one, all else will become invisible to me.

The Davis Square Symphony:
All the instruments have been recorded, so now all I need is a week to place the audio and mix it with Michael Bierylo. That week hasn’t shown up yet, but it will over the summer.

Prepared Lap-Steel Guitar (that is on 3 legs).


Surrealist Games

Great fun at Askew Providence on April Fool’s Day. As usual, people who didn’t consider themselves artists or writers came up with great images and words. Surrealism leads the way… Hope to do more of these next year!

Askew Providence Surrealist Games, April 1.                       Photo: Robin Bowman.


Springtime in Vermont (and all across the northern hemisphere).

My Kickstarter Ends on Mar.28! 

My first kick-starter is concluded and it has definitely been successful. It reached beyond the initial goal, to stretch-goals. And this is where it really affects my life in a positive manner. I am so grateful to everyone who donated. I had no idea if it was going to work when I set it up. It is one helluvalot of work, I must say! (and full of anxiety and over-indulgent stress on my part…) But it looks like it was worth it! Thanks again to everyone who contributed! The result will give me a pool of resources to really make my upcoming work happen.

And HERE is the link where I example my “altered lap-steel guitar”, which is part of “Transmuting the Prosaic”. Which is what the Kickstarter Campaign is all about…

Miller at Mass MoCA. Photo: Debra McLaughlin.



June 1: Release of our first full-length album on Feeding Tube Records: LIGHTS IN THE CENTER OF YOUR HEAD! Chock full of our unique brand of psychedelic 3-Piece Pre-Post-Rock!

Upcoming Shows:
April 26: Accurate Records, Somerville, MA, with Mr. Airplane Man!
April 27: The Wheelhouse, Greenfield, MA with Tin Vulva!
June 7: Thing in Spring Festival, Petersborough, NH
June 8: Once Lounge, Somerville, MA. Record Release Show! with
June 14: Sun Tiki, Portland, ME with
June 15: 13th Floor Lounge, Easthampton, MA with Bunnies and Landowner!

Lights in the Center of Your Head – Due out June 1, 2019!



The group is composing a new score to the silent film GALLERY OF MONSTERS, set in the world of the circus. Suits the band just fine, thank-you!

Upcoming Shows:
April 11: Roger Ebert Film Festival, Champaign, IL
May 2: Lincoln Center, NYC
May 3: Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, MD
May 4: National Gallery, Washington D.C.  Free!

Alloy in action in Milwaukee.



April 1: Askew Providence. 150 Chestnut St., Providence, R.I. Part of the Designxri Festival. Guaranteed creative mayhem involving every person who shows up. Damn reality, full steam ahead!

Miller pointing out something surreal during Surrealist Games at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT, on Valentine’s Day, 2019.







My Art Installation KICKSTARTER is up!

My first Kickstarter Campaign, for my first art installation at the Brattleboro Art Museum, “Transmuting the Prosaic”,  is nearing completion! It’s going well, but if it really goes, it will have a profound effect upon my future work. I have an agent working to get this installation to other art museums/venues.

There are two elements to the installation: 

1. My film Davis Square Symphony;
2. Five of my “Modified Vinyl” conceptual records.

Then I will be artist in residence for three nights:

1. Artist talk;
2. new music for solo electric guitar;
3. music for string quartet (and turntables!).

To make sure this happens, this is my first Kickstarter campaign. There is a video of me explaining what the installation is, and why I’m starting the Kickstarter. And of course, a slew of interesting “Rewards” for your contribution.

Please share this if you can! I am counting on this Kickstarter succeeding to create the artwork.

And here is a link to a very short video where I example how I have altered a lap-steel guitar to become a portable prepared piano:

Thanks for reading.

P.Island Feb24:17 copy 2                            Two years ago, Plum Island, MA. Photo: Debra McLaughlin.

Winter 2018/2019


Trinary System:

Mixing is finally getting completed! Excited!
LP due out by June 2019 on Feeding Tube Records! Excited!
Cover art will be by Wayne Valdez. Excited!

Trinary System at Sonelab Studios, Meat for Tea, 2015. Photo: Austin Rutledge.


Alloy Orchestra winter gigs: 

Feb.1: World Financial Center, NYC. Underworld.
Feb.22: Topeka, KS. Silent Film Festival. Metropolis.
Feb.28: Hartford, CT. Phantom of the Opera
Mar.3: Somerville Theater, Somerville, MA. Metropolis.
Mar. 19: New Jersey. Speedy.

Here’s an interesting interview w/Mr. Miller which starts with Mission of Burma then slants heavily to Alloy Orchestra.

      Cheloveks kino-apparatom (1929) aka The Man With a Movie Camera Dziga Vertov



Miller’s first Kickstarter campaign is now up and running! It will be for his spring 2020 art installation at the Brattleboro Art Museum. The funds will be used for the following purposes:
1. To complete the film the Davis Square Symphony;
2. To create five different “Modified Vinyl” pieces to be hung on the wall and acquire five turntables w/headphones to be positioned in front of the pieces on the wall, to play them on;
The next two are for when he is artist in residence there:
3. To assist in acquiring gear for his updated Elemental Guitar work, which will feature two or three inexpensive lap steel guitars fixed together to become a sort of portable prepared piano. Most of this music will be created using his Dream Interpretation technique;
4. To create 2 records and purchase 2 Direct-Drive turntables for his composition “Music for String Quartet and 2 Turntables”, where the string quartet will interact with record noise and recordings of itself. Miller will operate the turn-tables in the performance.

Miller’s agent is working to get this installation traveling to other museums.

Initial Etching of Bach Fugue #16.


As a Composer:

Three compositions premiered at Tufts University on September 28, and were performed excellently by the Ludovico Ensemble. Here is Miller’s composition “Rocks Music for Solo Cello”. Small rocks thrown against a garage door were analyzed for the first section, while a rock in his backyard in Vermont was used to structure the main body. Of course there is a pun on the word “rocks” – this was written for cellist Benjamin Schwartz who is as big a fan of Mission of Burma and Minutemen as he is of Iannis Xenakis or John Cage.

Leo Eguchi, Cello (Ludovico Ensemble), at Distler Performance Hall at Tufts University


Surrealist Games:

Feb.14: Valentines’ Day. Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.
It always brings me great joy to see groups of people, many who do not consider themselves artists or poets, create new work. With Surrealism in charge, anything is possible. It’s a great ice-breaker to boot, hence a Surrealist Valentine’s Day in Hartford.

Miller’s surrealist frottage drawing used for the cover of the Readercon 16 Booklet.



My father, Robert Rush Miller, studied “fish that live in the desert” (he was an icthyologist/paleo-icthyologist), so a good chunk of my childhood summers were spent in that environment, wonderfully in the middle of nowhere (can you tell me where Jones Valley, Nevada is?). By 1969, our (my brothers Laurence and Benjamin and I) interest in creating music with guitars got the better of things. Here I am trying to find a new riff by a dried up wash with the old Silvertone acoustic.

Photo by Robert Rush Miller.

Fall 2018

As a Composer:

Thurs. Sept.27, 8pm, at Tufts University. Free!

This is Miller’s first concert entirely focused on his chamber work.
——–Three premiers:
Solar System Sonata (for piano and string quartet);
Three Skies (for viola and piano);
Rocks Music (for solo cello).
Snakes Dream Sky (viola, piano, percussion, altered sounds) and
In Natura (for clarinet, violin, prepared piano, modified nature ambiences).


Alloy Orchestra:  

September 30:
Hamilton College F.I.L.M. program, Clinton NY. MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA (Russian avant-garde); THE GENERAL (Buster Keaton)
October 8:
Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA.  COEUR FIDELE (Dark French romance)
Oct.16 – Oct.30:
Midwest tour. (Columbus, OH; Chicago; Milwaukee; Omaha; Lincoln, NB; Iowa City; Webster Groves, MO; Nashville; Tuscaloosa, AL.)
San Francisco Silent Film Festival. The Castro Theater.

Alloy Orchestra smites Again!         L to R: Roger, Terry, Ken. Drawing by R.Miller


Trinary System: 

The band was derailed in mixing the new album over the summer, but is planning to complete mixing before the end of 2018.

Trinary System playing “See You” at Thunder Road on Aug.17. Video by Will Regano.


A Night of Surrealist Games:

Thurs., Nov.15, 2018. 118 Elliot in Brattleboro, VT.
Miller is jumping back on the surrealist bandwagon, looking forward to opening minds of the masses.
Tickets and info HERE.

Previous Exquisite Corpse Result


As an Experimental Film-Maker: 

The Davis Square Symphony score is being recorded instrument by instrument. Hoping to have it completed by the end of Dec. So far ‘cello, stand-up bass, french horn, trumpet, clarinet and flute. The film will be part of an installation at the Brattleboro Art Museum in spring 2020 along with five of Miller’s modified vinyl pieces, and very likely at film festivals.

Roger at deCordova Museum.  (D.McLaughlin)



My sister Francie, like many in my family, was a zoologist. She studied primates before she taught biology at UNO. In 1966 or ’67 she did a neo-Jane Goodall thing, spending nine months in Rio Muni (now called Equatorial Guinea) in Africa, studying a troop of monkeys in the jungle. Just her and an African guide with a machete most of the time. When she came home, she brought back 4 monkeys! A chicken-wire fence was installed in the back yard of our Ann Arbor home, and the monkeys (Katie, Kobo, Ka’a, and Chitfung) moved in. She would sometimes take them out and let them play in the yard and with us kids – but they always came back because they had bonded with her. She was a pretty amazing sister, and is still very much missed.

                                                                                Francie and 3 of 4 monkeys.


Here’s Deb on our summer trip to the Four Corners region of the US. The place is stunning – you can see deep time in the rocks.

Deb in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Summer 2018

Thurs., Sept.27, 8pm at Tufts Music School in Medford, MA. Free!
Tufts Music School presents a concert of Miller’s chamber music.
Three premiers: Solar System Sonata (for piano and string quartet); Rocks Music (for solo ‘cello); Three Skies (for viola and piano).

Trinary System:

HERE is Trinary System’s version of Robert Fripp’s King Crimson song, RED. Why did they learn it? Because they could.
The band is in final mixing phase for their first full-length. Rawer and more immediate than their previous psychedelically swampy release.
Summer Shows:
July 21: Framingham, MA. Exhibit “A” Brewing street party: Demo Tape Fest.
July 29: Greenfield, MA. First Annual Psych Fest at Hawks and Reed Performing Arts.
Aug.17: Thunder Road, Somerville, MA. With Count Zero and Chris Brokaw Band.

Miller hammering the song “Dave Davies” with Trinary System at the 9:30 Club, Washington DC. Photo by Roxplosion.


Conceptual Art:       

Recording the score for Miller’s first experimental film “The Davis Square Symphony” begins on July 2 with Cello, French Horn and Trumpet. The completed film will show at film festivals and at Museum Installations.

Miller’s conceptual vinyl piece “POP Record/evolving” was taught this spring in “Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (Master of Arts)” at Universitat der Kunste, Berlin. This bodes well as he is planning on creating more Modified Vinyl pieces over the next year.

POP Record Cover: xerox deterioration of black, 1982


As a Composer:   

The Tufts Music School will present a concert entirely of Miller’s chamber music compositions on Sept.27, 2018. There will be three premiers: “Solar System Sonata” for piano and string quartet; “Three Skies” for viola and piano; and “Rocks Music” for solo cello. All of these scores are highly organized by natural phenomena.

Page I, Movement III, from “Three Skies”.


Alloy Orchestra:

The group will spend much of this summer completing and rehearsing two new films to premier at Telluride and play throughout the coming year.
Summer shows:
Aug.11: Mass MoCA (Rudolph Valentino’s Son of the Sheik)
Aug.29-Sept.4: Telluride Film Festival, Telluride, CO.

New Alloy Orchestra T-shirt!


Frottage Drawing:       

A series of 6″x6″ origami paper frottage drawings were done from the various locations that Miller shot the Davis Square Symphony. Folding the surfaces of the locations onto themselves to create a new reality.

Origami Paper Frottage #1 May 9, 2018. (Surfaces used: sidewalk, wood on walls, 2 manhole covers)


Mission of Burma:  

“Invisible” is the only song recorded for The Obliterati album not to appear on that album – perhaps the title was prescient? It is none-the-less a somewhat unique song in the band’s catalog, incorporating dub effects and a nod to Dr. John’s spooky first album “Gris-Gris”.  

It is not legal to post the mp3 because it is owned by Mission of Burma, but HERE is the link to purchase with about 30 seconds of the song.


Sgt. Rock comic from the ’60’s.


F.U.K. (1977 pre-Burma punk-rock):      

The crushing 1977 proto-Riot Grrrl archival 7″ from F.U.K. gets the feature treatment from Dusted Magazine. A very interesting philosophical article.
It can be purchased HERE from the label, or from Miller at shows.

Back cover of F.U.K. 45.



When I was in 10th grade, I painted psychedelic lettering posters for The 5th Dimension Club in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were displayed in the small door marquee advertising the coming week’s shows: Amboy Dukes; SRC; The Thyme; The Rationals; Frigid Pink, etc… I didn’t get paid, but I got in for free to any concert I wanted except the big ones which I paid for: Jimi Hendrix; Pink Floyd, Mothers of Invention. So just about every weekend I’d be in the club, absorbing ideas and skills from bands a few years older than me.

One of my earliest experiences there was as follows: 

L.B., the kid who I learned the psychedelic lettering technique from, was the lead singer for a small local band. A couple of the guys in the band were on the “dubious” side, but I was there to take it all in and learn. During their 10 minute version of “Hey Joe” (didn’t everybody do it that year?) the guitar solo was very peculiar – it seemed to mostly consist of semi-regular percussive attacks. Curious. Finally, of course, the guitarist smashed his guitar (didn’t everybody do it that year?).

After the show somebody’s Mom came into the club quite mad, claiming that the guitarist had stolen her son’s guitar. There was a bit of a scene, and it was during this scene that I discovered that the odd guitar solo was the result of the kid systematically stapling all the guitar strings to the neck before he smashed the (stolen) guitar. All in all, a learning experience.

The Sky High Purple Band, May 1967. Left to Right: Dave Rogers; Ben Miller; Roger Miller; Tom Grimes; Larry Miller. Photo Francie Miller. (Same basement as the F.U.K. cover!)


Photos from our Southwest trip May 2018: 

Roger and Chance at 10,000 Feet above sea level.

Roger and Deb at the Grand Canyon.