Roger Clark Miller

The Roger/Benjamin Miller duo “M2” has recently signed on with Northampton’s FEEDING TUBE records to release their album, “At Land’s Edge”.  This is an appropriate title as the music morphs and shifts at the meeting point of solidity and watery luminescence.  The two brothers are both excited about the release and plan to do some shows in the New England/East Coast area upon its release, as time allows.

MISSION OF BURMA has recently signed with Fire Records, based both in the UK and the US.  The parting from Matador was without bloodshed, and we remain good friends with our supporters there.  The new album is tentatively slated for a July, 2012 release.

OUT NOW! October 2011: Reissue of WITH MAGNETIC FIELDS DISRUPTED, by SPROTON LAYER, on the World in Sound label from Germany. Replete w/excessive booklet, definitely psychedelic, and vastly improved mastering.

Ugly Things Magazine, Oct. 2011:

“I would rate Sproton Layer one of the most worth-while reissues of 2011, and it will drop the jaw of those who think they’ve heard everything from the classic psych era”. (Patrick Lundborg).

In depth interview for “It’s Psychedelic,Baby”:

Michael Azerrad described their recordings in his book OUR BAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE:
“…a valuable document of an amazing band that sounded like Syd Barrett fronting Cream.”

Wolfgang Reuther (World in Sound):
“…Sproton Layer is something totally UNIQUE … a mix between easy listening and epic, monumental freak sound!”

World in Sound Records

Go to the above web site and click on the spinning disc in the middle of the website.
Then Click on the second tier (1967-1978) of either CD or Vinyl.
Go to the last page, and there you will see Sproton Layer listed last, as it is the newest release.
Click on it to hear parts of 2 tracks and to download an order form if you are so inclined.


Here is a recent interview with Mr. Miller on being a guitar teacher.

And here is a performance from the summer of 1973 with Roger in The Cruzonic Jazz Ensemble on Ann Arbor, MI, cable TV.
Roger, organ with ring modulator; Laurence Miller, clarinet; Benjamin Miller, alto sax; Tom Grimes, guitar; David Swain, baritone sax; Julian Catford, alto sax; Pat Powers, Dan Electro bass; Bill Gracie (RIP), drums.

Cruzonic Jazz Ensemble, 1973

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Hi Roger,
The Cruzonics were quite the noise band. Though some might call it jazz, Frank Zappa quoted “the latter day composer shall not be denied”. Evidence that you have been ahead of the curve for quite a while. Thanks for the updates!

Peter Huston