Thanks for chec…

Thanks for checking out my web site.  Still perfecting it.
Please feel free to check the above pages and links.
Especially the “NEWS” section, as I am pretty much continuously in action.  Such that this month sees major activity in M2 and Mission of Burma, plus my composing work and new Alloy Orchestra scores. 

And did I forget to mention that 11 of my frottage/scrawl drawings are currently showing at the Arts at the Armory Cafe in Somerville and that there is a closing reception on April Fool’s Day (one of my favorite days), where I will be performing new prepared piano pieces, two of them premiers?  Possibly. 

Probably forgot to mention that Michael Bierylo and I mixed BIG STEAM (slated for the next FWP 45) a couple weeks back, and will mix the DREAM INTERPRETATION FOR THE BINARY SYSTEM this coming Sunday, March 25. 

Right, and I’m sitting in w/my pals Birdsongs of the Mesozoic the following Wednesday at Johnny D’s in Somerville. 

Oh yeah, Burma is playing three shows in Missouri in early April, then Alloy Orchestra is off to the Northwest, from Portland to Vancouver. 

Moving.  Constant.  It’s been like that since childhood so it’s kind of natural at this point.  Slave to my ideas, that sort of thing…..

Thanks to Debra for helping me realize this page is not a page, it’s a fucking blog.  OK.  Looks can be deceiving, and I can be mildly dull-witted.

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It’s amazingly cool seeing MOB back in gear.. if you EVER get your self to Las Vegas, NV, (or NM, that’s cool too, but not where I’m living anymore..) I think you know the hubby, (