Just tweaked a bunch of the pages, getting ready for a big fall touring season.  Sept. it’s Mission of Burma US; Oct./Nov. it’s Alloy Orchestra US; Dec. it’s Burma in Europe.  Heh – then I finish a soundtrack up by early January.  So……. trying to tidy things up in preparation.

I’ve been really happy with the releases I’ve been involved with this year.  UNSOUND is my favorite Burma album since the reformation, by a long shot.  I’ve listened to it more than once start to finish and always end up with a silly grin on my face….  The M2 album is completely different, yet just as satisfying to my ears – more so in some ways because it is so unusual.  Ben and I hope to record another M2 album next year.  And I have a 45 coming out in early Sept. on a new Boston label: GOOD ROAD.  The two tracks feature me on guitar/bass/vocals, with Binary System drummer Larry Dersch holding me in place.  That makes 3 pieces of vinyl this summer, and they all sound great to me on the turntable.  That’s kind of amazing.

I am also working on new compositions in the New England Conservatory direction (see Composer Page).  I am following two different wings of thought in this work: one is rockishly intense, and the other utilizes natural phenomenon to organize music – much more abstract, with a tip of the hat to John Cage.  Exciting.

Alloy learned two new scores this summer and will be performing them all over the US of A this fall.  You might see me in the back of the van with headphones on, composing in my laptop.

Sproton Layer has begun work on our next album titled PRESS YOUR HAND AND THE WHOLE ROOM FLUCTUATES.  Material is from 1969-1971.  Hoping to get it out in 2013.

And the rain is falling gently here in VT while there’s a tornado watch in Boston.  In that respect, I’d kind of like to be in Boston!  Clearly, I am a fan of Action.

Flag Whorl