Alloy Orchestra Mid-west Tour

Alloy Orchestra mid-west tour going just fine – sunny and warm in Omaha, Nebraska and Lawrence, KS.  The mid=west tour of course started in NYC and ends next door to Wash. DC.

In the downtime of driving (and other many many downtimes) I have been inputting my score to “Vines 4 Music”, which incorporates the way vines spread over my garage door.  The way I have interpreted the vines, the composition follows an (definitely!) organic pattern.  This is one of many of my “Nature/Organic” compositions.  Definitely a tip of the hat to John Cage, but I believe that my technique is more about the actual organic order of things than pure randomness.

Of course, I’ve gotten as far as I can on that piece until I print it out at home and look at it, and now I am back to work on my newest composition “Scream Gilgamesh, Scream (Punk Rock Piano Concerto)” for a 12-piece chamber ensemble including soprano and baritone voice as well as electric guitar and synthesizer, besides more usual orchestral instruments.  Over the summer I read 2 or 3 different versions of the Epic of Gilgamesh (and read 2 or 3 versions earlier) to deduce the text/libretto to use.  It’s tricky, of course.  Whether this is too grand of an idea, or will actually kick ass, remains to be seen.  But currently, in the van and hotel lobbies, it is keeping me quite engaged with ideas.

Having an Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout as I wait for the theater to open in Lawrence so we can load in and sound-check.  NOSFERATU tonight, a twisted film.

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