Summer’s Rolling In…..

Roger on bass, July 1970.  Big Steel Ballroom, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Roger on bass in Sproton Layer, July 1970. Big Steel Ballroom, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

1.   Sproton Layer, the Miller Brothers’ band from 1969-1971, has five shows this summer.
Sproton Layer is not neo-psychedelic – it is psychedelic.
Roger on bass and vocals, Benjamin on guitar and vocals, and Laurence on drums.  Trumpeter Steve Smith (just off a couple gigs blowing w/Burma) will handle the trumpet duties.  The band’s last concert was 43 years ago.
Their album “With Magnetic Fields Disrupted”, recorded in 1970 and released in 2010 on World in Sound Records, has garnered high reviews from psych-heads who’ve listened.
           Michael Azerrad described their recordings in his book OUR BAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE: “…a valuable document of an amazing band that sounded like Syd Barrett fronting Cream.”
          June 2013 Michigan dates confirmed:

Fri., June 14: The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor.
Sat., June 15: PJs Lager House, Detroit
          July 2013 East Coast dates confirmed:

Thurs., July 25: TT the Bear’s, Cambridge, MA
Fri., July 26: Mercury Lounge, NYC
Sat., July 27: Flywheel, Northampton, MA

Ukrainian Tree Spirit.  May, 2013
Frottage Drawing: Ukrainian Tree Spirit. May, 2013

2.  On June 22 Miller has a solo frottage art show at the Milton Center for the Arts.  Besides hanging his work, he will do a lecture/interactive demonstration on frottage in the afternoon and perform “unplugged” solo guitar in the evening.

Vines4Music photograph/organic score.
Vines4Music photograph/organic score.

3.  ALSO on June 22, Miller’s composition “Vines4Music” will be performed at the New England Conservatory as part of the SICPP Festival.  The piece is for 3 pianists at one heavily prepared piano, 2 cellos, 1 viola, and 2 violins.  The music is based on how vines grew on his garage door – the organic structure of these vines provides the organization of the music.  How can Mr. Miller be in two places at once, one might ask?  Answer: not certain yet.

4.  Mission of Burma‘s gig at NYU was a blast with brother Benjamin Miller again sitting in/wailing on sax.  During the breakdown of “1970” Clint was stunned to hear TWO horns animalizing and noticed brother Roger Miller blowing trumpet whilst sporadically slamming his guitar to alter the feedback.  Mission of Burma will be going to Europe May 29 – June 7.

Kiev, Ukraine.  May, 2013.
Kiev, Ukraine. May, 2013.

5.  Alloy Orchestra‘s trip to Ukraine (as representatives of the American Embassy!) was quite interesting.  No joke: superb cabbage rolls and Beef Stroganoff.  Beer left something to be desired, but the horse-radish infused vodka was a bona-fide treat.  Ezvenitye Pazhalsta.  The group continues touring through-out the summer in the continental US of A.

6.  The very first Trinary System show on May 8 was a rollicking affair.  They performed BIG STEAM and a number of new songs, but the band is now on hold due to Mission of Burma and Alloy Orchestra and Sproton Layer’s touring schedules.  Plans for getting together and recording demos in December/January are in the works.