Fall Actions…..

The Alloy Orchestra is in full tour mode for the fall:
1.  Telluride (Coloroado) Film Festival, Aug.28-Sept.2, where they premier their new film.   http://www.telluridefilmfestival.org/
2.  Then on to Tromso, Norway, Sept.5-8, for the Tromso Internasjonale Film Festival.   http://tiff.no/en
3.  Then to their midwest tour, Sept.27 – Oct.15, with a recording session at Third Man studio in Nashville towards the end.
Alloy Tour Schedule:  http://alloyorchestra.com/tour-schedule

Alloy Orchestra smites Again

Alloy Orchestra smites Again

Mission of Burma has a midwest jaunt, Sept.12-15:
Pittsburgh, Columbus, Indianapolis (these last two cities are firsts for the band), ending in Chicago at the Riotfest Festival.  Schedule here.

Between the two shows at Maxwell's.  Photo: Debra McLaughlin

Between the two shows at Maxwell’s. Photo: Debra McLaughlin

Frottage Drawings continue to get made (see Frottage Gallery 2013).

Heslinki Botanical Gardens,

Helsinki Botanical Gardens, July 8, 2013.

The film Miller scored in 2012, GRANITO: HOW TO NAIL A DICTATOR, was nominated for the Emmy Award Outstanding Investigative Journalism—Long-Form in July, 2013.  Hoping it wins!


Composing is an on-going process.
Currently working on both “Scream Gilgamesh, Scream!” and the Davis Square Symphony.

MLC Score #2 BLOG

Video for the Trinary System at TT the Bear’s in May, 2013 performing BIKE!

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