Spring 2014

The Trinary System after the Act
The Trinary System after the Act

The Trinary System to play two shows in May

The Trinary System is breaking out again this May, like they did in May 2012.  The band is Lawrence Dersch on drums; P. Andrew Wills on bass and vocals; Roger C. Miller on guitar and vocals.  Some new songs have been added.

Fri., May 30:  STORE 54 in Allston
Sat., May 31:  Montague Bookmill, in western MA

BIKE! Video from TT the Bear’s, May 2012


The Mission of Burma documentary “Not a Photograph” was included in the Huffington Post’s 18 Documentaries you need to watch on Hulu Right Now.   We’re in there with the Stones “Gimme Shelter”, Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Look Back”, and “The Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins”.  Pretty amazing – comparatively, we are almost nobody.


And the Surrealist Games continue:

Fri., May 2:  The I.C.A., Boston.
Sat., May 17:  Portsmouth Book and Bar, Portsmouth, N.H.

Article/interview in Seacoast Online for Portsmouth show
Mass MoCA’s photographs from the Feb.22 Surrealist Games event there.

As a Composer:

Mar.31, 2014: The “Outside the Box” festival at Southern Illinois University featured a performance of “Clarinetti in Natura”.  The composition is for two clarinets tuned 1/4 step apart, prepared piano, and a solid 9.5 minutes of modified and collaged natural ambiences.  It was very well received.

Miller is currently working on Half-Moon Pond.  This composition utilizes natural phenomena to organize a composition involving time-specific improvised gestures.  For String Orchestra.

Rothko Score I
Initial Score work for Half-Moon Pond
Half-Moon Pond Photo
Half-Moon Pond Photo


As a Guitarist/vocalist in Mission of Burma: 

Burma RegentRockin’ the Regent Theater, Feb.2014.

Shows upcoming this summer:

Mission of Burma playing the SLED ISLAND FESTIVAL in Calgary, Canada, on June 19.

Mission of Burma on the West Coast Aug.28-31.

Mission of Burma Web Site

As a Keyboardist in The Alloy Orchestra

The Spring Season is kicking in for another round of bringing silent film into the 21st Century:
March 28-30: AFI Silver Theater, Silver Spring, MD
April 12: Cape Ann Community Cinema, Gloucester.
April 19: National Gallery, Washington DC.
April 25: Roger Ebert Film Festival, Champaign, IL
April 27: Brandeis University, Waltham, MA.
May 11:  Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, MD

Alloy Orchestra Tour Schedule

Alcazar Hotel, our fave in ClevelandOur favorite Cleveland Hotel, The Alcazar Hotel

Frottage Drawing:

Miller has not done much frottage drawing of late, but he did have two of his frottage drawings laser-etched onto his Strat.

Strat front

Strat back