Fall 2014

Surrealist Games: First Night Boston!

Surrealist Games with Roger Miller.  First Night, Boston.
7:30pm-11:00pm.  Hynes Convention Center (900 Boylston St.).  Room 201.  (Dec.31)
Miller will lead the attendees in the Surrealist Games (drawing, writing) initiated by the Surrealists in the 1920’s.  Guaranteed to produce “answers to questions previously unknowable.”


As keyboardist in The Alloy Orchestra:

Alloy premiers our new score to SON OF THE SHEIK in San Francisco on Sept.20, then we are off to the mid-west for 2+ weeks.   Later in October and in November the group plays NY State, Pittsburgh, N.H., and more.  Alloy Orchestra Tour Schedule Here.

Roger’s published BLOG on the Alloy Orchestra Ukraine trip in June, 2014.

Last fall the group was recorded live in performance in Nashville for THIRD MAN RECORDS (Frank Black’s label).  The film was MAN WITH THE MOVIE CAMERA, one of the Alloy’s most rambunctious.  This has now been pressed as a double LP, vinyl.  For sale on tour and soon on the web site store!

Here are three video/music cues from SON OF THE SHEIK:     Desert Rider      Cafe Maure      Desert Oasis

Original Poster for Son of the Sheik.
Original Poster for Son of the Sheik.


As a Frottage Artist:

Miller’s Frottage Art will be in two shows this fall:

A group show opening on Sept.27 in Sogrates, N.Y. which includes all three Sproton Layer Miller brothers!

A Solo show at Geno’s Gallery in  Portland, ME, with the Trinary System performing opening night, Oct.25.

Green, Sept.7, 2008
Green, Sept.7, 2008


As guitarist/vocalist/ in The Trinary System: 

On Oct.25, the band will play at Geno’s in Portland Maine in support of Miller’s art show there, then record a 3-song demo in November.  The two shows they played in May proved they were no longer a Miller side-project, but a real band.

Live video from Geno’s Maine: “I Lead a Modular Life” on Oct.25.

The Trinary System prefers Books.
The Trinary System prefers Books.  Photo Debra McLaughlin.


As Guitarist/Vocalist (+cornetist?) in Mission of Burma:

The late August W. Coast jaunt went surprisingly well.  At the Roxy in LA the Volcano Suns re-formed for one song during the encore slot, and Miller added his dulcet cornet tones to Good Not Great to finish things off.
In San Francisco, Steve McKay, tenor sax-player on the Stooges’ FUN HOUSE album, was in the band before us.  So we had him join us and we did a completely feral version of 1970 for our last encore.
In Portland, Chris Brokaw joined us for the Consonant song Buckets of Flowers, and stayed on-stage for a spot-on Down on the Street (FUN HOUSE again!).  These featured Conley on rhythm guitar and Miller on bass.  The 4-piece finished off with Good Not Great again w/Miller on cornet.
In Seattle we merely played a very solid set out-doors at The Bumbershoot Festival.  Dave Minehan (Neighborhoods, who was playing in the Replacements), Steve Stain (early-80’s Thayer Street days) and Chris Porter (Booking agent in Boston’s punk past) all checked in so it was family night.  And we think we saw Xanna Don’t in the audience as well!  On top of that, we saw part of Bootsy Collins set – we got the funk.
All in all, quite a blast.

Miller at the Roxy in LA, Aug. 2014.  Photo by Michelle Shiers.
Miller at the Roxy in LA, Aug. 2014. Photo Michelle Shiers.

Mission of Burma performing BREAK ON THROUGH (Doors) at The Space in Boston in 1979. 


As an Uncle:

Roger with Felix Miller, age 3.    July, Boulder, CO.
Roger with Felix Miller, age 3. July, Boulder, CO.  Photo Debra McLaughlin.