Spring 2015 (technically, it’s here).


Guitar Lessons with Roger C. Miller

I have taught guitar lessons out of my home for years.  I am now adding SKYPE guitar lessons to the mix.  Many people do this, why not me?  Now I can teach all over the world (does the International Space Station have Skype?).



Mission of Burma is playing East Coast shows end of June.  Spring training for the Fenway gig w/Foo Fighters in July.

June 25:  Boot and Sands, Philadelphia
June 26:  Bell House, Brooklyn, NY
June 27:  Rock+Roll Hotel, Wash. DC.

Playing with the Obliterati Cards.

Playing with the Obliterati Cards.  Photo: Kelly Davidson Savage.


Alloy Orchestra is in Spring season mode:

Apr.5:  Hamilton College, Clinton, NY.
Apr.6:  Colgate College, Hamilton, NY.
Apr.16-19:  Roger Ebert Film Festival, Champagne Illinois.
May 10:  Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, MD.
May 15-24:  Northwest tour.  Olympia, Port Townsend, Seattle, Vancouver, Bellingham.

Alloy Orchestra smites Again

Alloy Orchestra smites Again.  Scrawl/Frottage by Miller.


The Trinary System shows in March (Boston/Easthampton):

The band was very comfortable with the material (funny how rehearsing a few times helps that) and thus able to stretch out from there.  Solid set of all-Trinary System material.  Please check out the band’s Web Site.  And here’s their Facebook page (like it if you want!).  Videos and music at both locations.  Hoping to find time for recording this spring, probably an EP.

Store 54. Mar.13, 2015. Photo Sara Billingsley

Store 54. Mar.13, 2015. Photo Sara Billingsley


Surrealist Frottage shows and Meat for Tea.

Six of Miller’s Surrealist Frottage and Scrawl/Frottage drawings are included in MEAT FOR TEA (the Valley Review), Vol.9, issue 1.  Hard Copy and e-Copy here.  His 20 drawings at the  Meat for Tea event in March (along with Trinary System) garnered much interest.  Likely next art show in August in Hudson River valley, NY.

Meat for Tea Magazine.

Meat for Tea Magazine.


Camping in June w/Deb.

The Northern Kingdom, VT, 2014.

The Northern Kingdom, VT, 2014.

Heh…. see you all LATER!

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