Summertime, and the Living is…….

Alloy Orchestra

Alloy Orchestra at the Milwaukee Film Festival, 2014.
Alloy Orchestra at the Milwaukee Film Festival, 2014.

We are working on two new scores for the fall:
1.   “Picture”.  This is a modern silent with a strong avant-garde underpinning, very abstract.  Our score is improvised.  In the fall we will perform it in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.
2.  “L’Inhumane”.  The film is slow, but the sets are designed by the artist Fernand Leger and are utterly amazing.  Considered one of the best of the era of French avant-garde film.  We’ll be improvising on open themes for this one.
Summer Shows:
July 10 – 11:  Silver Spring, MD.  AFI Silver Theatre.  3 shows.
July 17:  Brooklyn NY.  Celebrate Brooklyn at the Prospect Park Bandshell.  Starts after the sun sets.
July 24:  Stamford CT.  Mill River Park.  2 shows.
Aug.2: Traverse City, MI.  Traverse City (Michael Moore) International Film Festival.
Early Sept:  Telluride, CO.  Telluride Film Festival.  Premier of L’Inhumane and PICTURE.
Sept.10:  New Haven, CT.  Yale University.
Sept.14-27: Midwest tour:  Columbus, OH.  Cedar Rapids, IA.  Des Moines, IA.  Omaha, NB.  Lincoln, NB.  Lawrence, KS.  Columbus, MO.  Nashville, T.  Hamilton College, NY.

Mission of Burma

Rock+Roll Hotel, June 2015. Photo: Scott Monroe
Rock+Roll Hotel, June 2015. Photo: Scott Monroe

Summer Shows:
June 25:  Boot and Saddle, Philadelphia
June 26:  Bell House, Brooklyn, NY
June 27:  Rock+Roll Hotel, Wash. DC.
July 18:  Fenway.  Rumor has it that there are other bands on the bill.

Good recent interview with Miller in the UK mag: DROWNED IN SOUND.

The Trinary System

Trinary System at Sonelab Studios, May 2015
Trinary System at Sonelab Studios, May 2015

We are near completion on two songs from our May session at Sonelab Studios: DAVE DAVIES and CHEMICAL STEW.  Three songs to go:  THIS HOUSE; HOV-1 VIOLATOR; and LIVING BY FLASHLIGHT.  The raw band tracks from Sonelab came out quite lively, and are a vast improvement over our demos from last November.
Summer Shows:
Aug.7: Machines With Magnets, Pawtucket, RI.  With “E” and Odysseus Finn.
Aug.8: Out of the Blue Gallery.  541 Massachusetts Ave, Central Square, Cambridge, MA.  Boston Hassle Productions.  With Minibeast and others.

As a Composer

Rothko Score I

My composition HALF-MOON POND, for large String Ensemble, will get a private reading by the Cambridge Philharmonic the end of July.  The composition utilizes nature to organize the music.  There is no preconceived rhythm, melody, harmony or concert pitch.  As in nature, so in this music.
I’ll be finalizing my composition SCREAM, GILGAMESH, SCREAM for the upcoming season at the New England Conservatory.
And soon I’ll be shooting the summer footage for my composition THE DAVIS SQUARE SYMPHONY, to be premiered June 2016 in Davis Square, Somerville.

Art Show in Hudson Valley

“Upthrust”. Frottage Drawing, 2006.

Six pieces in a group show on Sept 6 in Brooklyn, NY.

Camping in June w/Deb.

Deb and I in the Northeast Kingdom of VT.
Deb and I in the Northeast Kingdom of VT, June 2015.

Camping at Maidstone Park in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont was as beautiful as expected.  The loons at night were amazing, some close, some far (superb stereophonic placement and hi-quality reverb).  The simple focus of starting a fire every day, preparing food, no internet.  Hikes.  Wish it could always be like that!

Guitar Lessons with Roger C. Miller

I have taught guitar lessons out of my home for years.  I am now adding SKYPE guitar lessons to the mix.  Many people do this, why not me?  Now I can teach all over the world (does the International Space Station have Skype?).