Spring 2016


Dave Davies b/w This House 7″ 45

Apr.15 release date on Fun World Records!
AMPLIFY THE AMPLIFIERS 5-Song EP download card will be included in the package.  Records (and downloads) will be available at shows and via online sales.

Amp the Amp cover
May Record Release shows!
Fri., May 13 at Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA.  With Gymnasium and Soft Gang (from NYC).
Sat., May 14 at 13th Floor Music Lounge in Florence, MA.  With Bunnies and Dust Witch.




European Tour April 17-25 based around two ATP festivals in England.  Always fun driving over European terrain.

Bradford Vernon DoucetteBradford Theater, 1983, performing “See My Friends”.  Photo: Vernon Doucette.



Miller will be hosting his Surrealist Games Night at the Brattleboro Museum of Art on Friday, June 10.

Miller will be hosting his Surrealist Games Night at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH, on Thurs., June 23.

NHPR interview for 3S Artspace show here.

Surrealist Games held at 3S Artspace, Portsmouth, NH in February were very successful and Miller has been asked to hold the Games there on a regular basis.
“Fantastic night — a hilarious, creative, and healthy mix of mind-bend, head-clearing and humor-refraction. And met great new people — thank you to esteemed host Roger Clark Miller for coming up to Portsmouth to throw an unconventional good time.”
Cliff Lazenby.

3S Feb. 2016

3S Artspace Surrealist Games.  Everyone here is bearing down on the topic.  (Can’t find photographer’s name – my apologies).



Miller’s craigslist lesson posts were picked up by the Onion’s AV department.  Amusing as always.     One of his current lessons lives in Tokyo: this lesson is drinking coffee while the sun is setting outside Miller’s window.



NOTE:  A large enough orchestra was not able to be procured to perform to this film, so there will be no live performance.  Instead, Miller is afixing the score to the film and will show the film with pre-recorded music.  The premier has not been set.

The Davis Square Symphony is based on traffic patterns in Davis Square.  Miller has filmed Davis Square from 5 different locations, one time per each season.  Each season has its own harmony.  Analysis of the vehicles, color, size, etc., will indicate which string instrument will perform that particular vehicle and what note they will play as it travels across the visual field onscreen.  People, bicycles, and pets will be performed by wind instruments and percussion.  The resultant composition, 23 minutes in length, will be based entirely on the edited film footage.
The Davis Square Symphony has been funded by the Somerville Arts Council and is slated to be performed by the Somerville City Orchestra including high school students in the Somerville area.  The film will be shown while the orchestra performs the music, so there will be a direct relationship between what is seen and heard.  Despite being built upon the ideas of John Cage, it is a populist work.  People will see their every-day life transformed into music.

The premier of Scream, Gilgamesh, Scream on Feb.18 at New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall came off quite well.  Once everyone got aligned to the unusual direction of the piece, it really came together.  Great ensemble (Callithumpian Consort).  Miller was on electric guitar and at one point couldn’t stop grinning as the ensemble hammered a “one-pulse” chord over and over.  He hid his face but then looked up and saw that Stephen Drury, the conductor, had the same grin on his face.  It worked.  Thanks to everyone who came to the show and thanks to the Callithumpian Consort – as Clint said “they were really diggin’ in.”

Gilgamesh BowMiller bowing after Gilgamesh performance at Jordan Hall.  Photo: Debra McLaughlin.



Spring Shows:
March 26:  Somerville Theater.
April 15: Roger Ebert Film Festival.
May 8:  Maryland Film Festival.
June 21:  Lincoln Center, NYC.
New releases:
1.  L’Inhumaine Blu-Ray.   French avant-garde film from 1927 with sets designed by the artists Ferdinand Leger.  Alloy Orchestra premiered their score last fall at Telluride Film Festival to a standing ovation.
2.  Phantom of the Opera DVD, starring the amazing Lon Chaney.  Previously this was only available via Blu-Ray.

Phantom DVD copy
L'Inhumaine BluRay copy