Summer 2016

Friday, July 2:  Trinary System at ONCE Lounge

165 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA.  Minibeast headlines, Miller will join ’em on horn, Trinary System on second (around 10 pm) and Oceans on the Moon opens.  The band continues to kick out the jams after our first release, a 45 with the 5-song EP: AMPLIFY THE AMPLIFIERS.

L to R: Andrew Willis, Larry Dersch, Roger Miller. Photo: Debra McLaughlin


Thurs., June 23:  Surrealist Games at 3S Artspace, Portsmouth, NH.

This is Miller’s second Surrealist Games Night at 3S Artspace – the first Games in February 2016 were so successful they wanted to do it again.   The venue is wonderful.  The Surrealist Games Night at the Brattleboro Art Museum on June 10 was a total blast – everyone was actively engaged and having a wonderful time.

One of many, many Exquisite Corpses created. Photo by John Hessian.
One of many, many Exquisite Corpses created. Photo by John Hessian.


Alloy Orchestra upcoming shows:

June 21:  Lincoln Center, NYC.  L’Inhumaine.
July 6 and 7:  Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA.  2 nights of METROPOLIS!  25th Anniversary of the band starting, and it started with METROPOLIS at the Coolidge Corner Theater.
July 31:  Traverse City Film Festival, Traverse City, MI.  L’Inhumaine.
Aug. 13:  AFI Silver Theater, Silver Spring, MD.
Aug.31-Sept.6:  Telluride Film Festival, Telluride, CO.
Sept.22: Three week Midwest Tour Starts.

Rack of Junk. Yep.
Rack of Junk, yep. Photo: Ken Winokur.


Soundtrack Work:  500 Years, a film by Skylight Productions.

500 Years, a feature-length documentary film, is Miller’s biggest work this summer.  The film continues Skylight’s focus on the genocide in Guatemala,  the case against the dictator Rios Montt, and how things are developing in the aftermath.  Previous films Miller has scored with Skylight include GRANITO, DISRUPTION, and THE RECKONING.  Two of these films premiered at Sundance.

Jubilation at Rios Montt’s downfall.


7 Haiku from camping at Half-Moon Pond, June 13-16:

I rambled one of these accidentally and Deb said “Write that down!”  So I did, and kept it up…..

The fire is started.
Shrimp, gnocchi, asparagus!
Where’s the scotch?  By me.

Why no mosquitoes?
Could be we are wearing coats.
Chilly advantage.

The lake’s wind patterns
Ten turtles on a big log
What a fucking hoot!

Sunlight shines through leaves
There’s nothing I have to do
That’s a way to be.

Now that was a hike!
The fire is so hypnotic…
We talked for two hours.

Why is that book wet?
It’s right next to the tea cup.
Chipmunks like tea bags?

When you are camping
Simple life is all there is.
That is a virtue.

Half-Moon Pond