Summer 2018


Thurs., Sept.27, 8pm at Tufts Music School in Medford, MA. Free!
Tufts Music School presents a concert of Miller’s chamber music.
Three premiers: Solar System Sonata (for piano and string quartet); Rocks Music (for solo ‘cello); Three Skies (for viola and piano).

Trinary System:

HERE is Trinary System’s version of Robert Fripp’s King Crimson song, RED. Why did they learn it? Because they could.
The band is in final mixing phase for their first full-length. Rawer and more immediate than their previous psychedelically swampy release.
Summer Shows:
July 21: Framingham, MA. Exhibit “A” Brewing street party: Demo Tape Fest.
July 29: Greenfield, MA. First Annual Psych Fest at Hawks and Reed Performing Arts.
Aug.17: Thunder Road, Somerville, MA. With Count Zero and Chris Brokaw Band.

Miller hammering the song “Dave Davies” with Trinary System at the 9:30 Club, Washington DC. Photo by Roxplosion.


Conceptual Art:       

Recording the score for Miller’s first experimental film “The Davis Square Symphony” begins on July 2 with Cello, French Horn and Trumpet. The completed film will show at film festivals and at Museum Installations.

Miller’s conceptual vinyl piece “POP Record/evolving” was taught this spring in “Sound Studies and Sonic Arts (Master of Arts)” at Universitat der Kunste, Berlin. This bodes well as he is planning on creating more Modified Vinyl pieces over the next year.

POP Record Cover: xerox deterioration of black, 1982


As a Composer:   

The Tufts Music School will present a concert entirely of Miller’s chamber music compositions on Sept.27, 2018. There will be three premiers: “Solar System Sonata” for piano and string quartet; “Three Skies” for viola and piano; and “Rocks Music” for solo cello. All of these scores are highly organized by natural phenomena.

Page I, Movement III, from “Three Skies”.


Alloy Orchestra:

The group will spend much of this summer completing and rehearsing two new films to premier at Telluride and play throughout the coming year.
Summer shows:
Aug.11: Mass MoCA (Rudolph Valentino’s Son of the Sheik)
Aug.29-Sept.4: Telluride Film Festival, Telluride, CO.

New Alloy Orchestra T-shirt!


Frottage Drawing:       

A series of 6″x6″ origami paper frottage drawings were done from the various locations that Miller shot the Davis Square Symphony. Folding the surfaces of the locations onto themselves to create a new reality.

Origami Paper Frottage #1 May 9, 2018. (Surfaces used: sidewalk, wood on walls, 2 manhole covers)


Mission of Burma:  

“Invisible” is the only song recorded for The Obliterati album not to appear on that album – perhaps the title was prescient? It is none-the-less a somewhat unique song in the band’s catalog, incorporating dub effects and a nod to Dr. John’s spooky first album “Gris-Gris”.  

It is not legal to post the mp3 because it is owned by Mission of Burma, but HERE is the link to purchase with about 30 seconds of the song.

Sgt. Rock comic from the ’60’s.


F.U.K. (1977 pre-Burma punk-rock):      

The crushing 1977 proto-Riot Grrrl archival 7″ from F.U.K. gets the feature treatment from Dusted Magazine. A very interesting philosophical article.
It can be purchased HERE from the label, or from Miller at shows.

Back cover of F.U.K. 45.



When I was in 10th grade, I painted psychedelic lettering posters for The 5th Dimension Club in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were displayed in the small door marquee advertising the coming week’s shows: Amboy Dukes; SRC; The Thyme; The Rationals; Frigid Pink, etc… I didn’t get paid, but I got in for free to any concert I wanted except the big ones which I paid for: Jimi Hendrix; Pink Floyd, Mothers of Invention. So just about every weekend I’d be in the club, absorbing ideas and skills from bands a few years older than me.

One of my earliest experiences there was as follows: 

L.B., the kid who I learned the psychedelic lettering technique from, was the lead singer for a small local band. A couple of the guys in the band were on the “dubious” side, but I was there to take it all in and learn. During their 10 minute version of “Hey Joe” (didn’t everybody do it that year?) the guitar solo was very peculiar – it seemed to mostly consist of semi-regular percussive attacks. Curious. Finally, of course, the guitarist smashed his guitar (didn’t everybody do it that year?).

After the show somebody’s Mom came into the club quite mad, claiming that the guitarist had stolen her son’s guitar. There was a bit of a scene, and it was during this scene that I discovered that the odd guitar solo was the result of the kid systematically stapling all the guitar strings to the neck before he smashed the (stolen) guitar. All in all, a learning experience.

The Sky High Purple Band, May 1967. Left to Right: Dave Rogers; Ben Miller; Roger Miller; Tom Grimes; Larry Miller. Photo Francie Miller. (Same basement as the F.U.K. cover!)


Photos from our Southwest trip May 2018: 

Roger and Chance at 10,000 Feet above sea level.
Roger and Deb at the Grand Canyon.