My Art Installation KICKSTARTER is up!

My first Kickstarter Campaign, for my first art installation at the Brattleboro Art Museum, “Transmuting the Prosaic”,  is nearing completion! It’s going well, but if it really goes, it will have a profound effect upon my future work. I have an agent working to get this installation to other art museums/venues.

There are two elements to the installation: 

1. My film Davis Square Symphony;
2. Five of my “Modified Vinyl” conceptual records.

Then I will be artist in residence for three nights:

1. Artist talk;
2. new music for solo electric guitar;
3. music for string quartet (and turntables!).

To make sure this happens, this is my first Kickstarter campaign. There is a video of me explaining what the installation is, and why I’m starting the Kickstarter. And of course, a slew of interesting “Rewards” for your contribution.

Please share this if you can! I am counting on this Kickstarter succeeding to create the artwork.

And here is a link to a very short video where I example how I have altered a lap-steel guitar to become a portable prepared piano:

Thanks for reading.

P.Island Feb24:17 copy 2                            Two years ago, Plum Island, MA. Photo: Debra McLaughlin.