Springtime in Vermont (and all across the northern hemisphere).

My Kickstarter Ends on Mar.28! 

My first kick-starter is concluded and it has definitely been successful. It reached beyond the initial goal, to stretch-goals. And this is where it really affects my life in a positive manner. I am so grateful to everyone who donated. I had no idea if it was going to work when I set it up. It is one helluvalot of work, I must say! (and full of anxiety and over-indulgent stress on my part…) But it looks like it was worth it! Thanks again to everyone who contributed! The result will give me a pool of resources to really make my upcoming work happen.

And HERE is the link where I example my “altered lap-steel guitar”, which is part of “Transmuting the Prosaic”. Which is what the Kickstarter Campaign is all about…

Miller at Mass MoCA. Photo: Debra McLaughlin.


June 1: Release of our first full-length album on Feeding Tube Records: LIGHTS IN THE CENTER OF YOUR HEAD! Chock full of our unique brand of psychedelic 3-Piece Pre-Post-Rock!

Upcoming Shows:
April 26: Accurate Records, Somerville, MA, with Mr. Airplane Man!
April 27: The Wheelhouse, Greenfield, MA with Tin Vulva!
June 7: Thing in Spring Festival, Petersborough, NH
June 8: Once Lounge, Somerville, MA. Record Release Show! with
June 14: Sun Tiki, Portland, ME with
June 15: 13th Floor Lounge, Easthampton, MA with Bunnies and Landowner!

Lights in the Center of Your Head – Due out June 1, 2019!


The group is composing a new score to the silent film GALLERY OF MONSTERS, set in the world of the circus. Suits the band just fine, thank-you!

Upcoming Shows:
April 11: Roger Ebert Film Festival, Champaign, IL
May 2: Lincoln Center, NYC
May 3: Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, MD
May 4: National Gallery, Washington D.C.  Free!

Alloy in action in Milwaukee.


April 1: Askew Providence. 150 Chestnut St., Providence, R.I. Part of the Designxri Festival. Guaranteed creative mayhem involving every person who shows up. Damn reality, full steam ahead!

Miller pointing out something surreal during Surrealist Games at Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT, on Valentine’s Day, 2019.