Summer 2019 (hoping not extremely hot)

Trinary System

Sun., July 14, at Great Scott opening for Messthetics.
Sat., Sept.14, at Basilica Soundscape Festival, Hudson NY. Trinary System on at 3pm.

Trinary System’s first full album, “LIGHTS IN THE CENTER OF YOUR HEAD”, is out now!

Vinyl from Feeding Tube!
Digital from our Bandcamp!
And HERE is the video for the lead-off track, “When the Dust Settles”.

LP Cover suitable for head replacement. Photo: Andrew Willis


Alloy Orchestra

Upcoming shows:

Sat., July 20 Brooklyn NY. Prospect Park Bandstand, Free!
The film is VARIETE, a dark circus silent.
Sun., Aug.4: Traverse City Film Festival.
Sat., Sept.21: Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, VT
Mon., Sept.23: Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA

In July we are recording our score to “The Black Eagle”, starring Rudolph Valentino, for
Blu-Ray/DVD release on KINO-Lorber Fall 2019.

Valentino in his Russian garb in The Black Eagle.


Transmuting the Prosaic Updates

First, thanks to everyone who contributed to my Kickstarter for this in March! It was quite successful, and that’s why I am able to do the following:

Dream-State Guitar:
I’ve acquired some new devices for my Dream-State Guitar setup, and now am the proud owner of three (yes, three) Lap-Steel Guitars on stands for preparations and alterations. Expanding the sonic palette.

Modified Vinyl:
Focus has been applied to creating these vinyl/record objects in a clear and cost-effective manner. So far, so good.
I’m holding off on the composition “Music for String Quartet and Two Turn-tables” for now, concentrating instead on other details. Once I get into this one, all else will become invisible to me.

The Davis Square Symphony:
All the instruments have been recorded, so now all I need is a week to place the audio and mix it with Michael Bierylo. That week hasn’t shown up yet, but it will over the summer.

Prepared Lap-Steel Guitar (that is on 3 legs).


Surrealist Games

Great fun at Askew Providence on April Fool’s Day. As usual, people who didn’t consider themselves artists or writers came up with great images and words. Surrealism leads the way… Hope to do more of these next year!

Askew Providence Surrealist Games, April 1.                       Photo: Robin Bowman.