The Fall is Falling!

Alloy Orchestra:

Fall Time is Tour Time for Alloy Orchestra. Here is our fall schedule:

Sept. 21 Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, VT. “Man with a Movie Camera”.
Sept. 23 Coolidge Corner theater, Brookline, MA. “Underworld”.
Sept. 27 and 28: Hamilton College, Clinton, New York. “The General” and “Metropolis”.

Midwest Tour (“Gallery of Monsters”; “Speedy”; “Metropolis”; “Variete”‘ “The General”):
Oct.17 – Oct.31: Bloomington, IN; Detroit, MI; Kansas City, KS; Lawrence, KS; Lincoln, NB; Omaha, NB; Iowa City, IA; Nashville, TN; Columbus, OH; Cleveland, OH.

Nov.1: Rochester, NY. “Man with a Movie Camera”.
Nov. 8 – 9: Cornell University, Ithaca NY. “Metropolis” and “Gallery of Monsters”.
Nov.16-17. AFI Silver, Silver Spring, MD. “”Metropolis”, “Variete” and “Gallery of Monsters”.
Nov.23: Three Rivers Film Festival, Pittsburgh, PA. “Gallery of Monsters”.

Our new score for 2019, for the film “Gallery of Monsters”, was commissioned by Indiana University Cinema and the Indiana University Office of the Bicentennial. The film is set in a circus, which suits the group just fine! It will premier at Indiana University in Bloomington on October 17. The Blu Ray with our score will be released Spring 2020 by Flicker Alley.

Another upcoming release is Rudolph Valentino’s “The Black Eagle”, on Kino Lorber/Lobster Films. with our score from many years ago. This has now been released in DVD and Blu-Ray and the band will have it with us for sale at shows! 

Alloy Orchestra Display Case at Indiana University.

Trinary System:

Dusted Magazine Review:
“Trinary System continues in the elegant, abstract, agitated firestorm tradition of Miller’s Burma’s songs, with an unmistakable swagger.”

Magnet Review:
ESSENTIAL NEW MUSIC: “If Mission of Burma at its best had the jostling, bounded chaos of a really physical basketball game, Trinary System is a bit more like pro soccer.”

The band is working on new material for the next album. They are on a bit of a hiatus due to Alloy’s fall touring schedule, but will be playing in January and Spring 2020. They are hoping to record the next album late spring/early summer 2020.

The 2019 LP “Lights in the Center of Your Head” available here:
Vinyl from Feeding Tube!
Digital from our Bandcamp!

Hey, Where’s Andrew? Photo by Ben Stas.

Transmuting the Prosaic Updates:

The Modified Vinyl piece “Audio/Visual/Audio” (12″ ), where Miller draws with sound on a record, is currently being test-cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering (thanks Bob!).  The audio record for “Signals Calls and Marches lyric edits b/w Four Bars of a Bach Fugue” (7″ ) is shortly going off for pressing. The etching into vinyl for both the “Signals Calls and Marches Lyrics” and “Tone Arm” (thanks Joanne Kaliontzis!) will be sent off shortly (12″ ). The audio mixing for the film Davis Square Symphony  is due in early December (thanks Michael Bierylo!).

The new looper, the Boomerang III, is here and is amazing. Getting ready for essential Elemental Guitar/Dream-state guitar composing in November/December.

“Music for String Quartet and Two Turn-tables” is under way: deducing record noise and other audio for the primary 12″ record that structures the composition. A general map of the String parts has been created. Analysis for use of the turn-table live (thanks Mr. Rourke!) has also begun. This will be intense.

Early sketch for Audio/Visual/Audio.


“B.Mez.” is an improvisation group grown out of the more formal “Birdsongs of the Mesozoic”. Miller has kept up his association with them (Michael Bierylo, Rick Scott and Ken Field), and they had a great improv. recording session at the very comfortable HearStudios in Maine last May. A CD release is likely from the very spontaneous material. And on Nov.21 Miller will be sitting in w/them (they always have one “roving member”) at the Lizard Lounge. Wasn’t Roger just there improvising with Club d’Elf?

Origami Haiku frottage during the B.Mez. sessions. (incomplete)


It’s been a super dense summer of work for both Deb and I, but to relax we like hitting art museums that have excellent grounds for walking, like the Clark and the Decordova (where my written description of Joe Wardwell’s piece “Change will do you Good” was on a plaque next to said painting). Relaxing as well as idea generating.

Clark Art Museum. Roger looking through a free poster from the Venetian Bicentennial (from Luanda). Photo: Debra McLaughlin.