Spring Covid-19:

Spring Covid-19 concerts (well…)

All my concerts this Spring were obviously vaporized. This includes Alloy Orchestra, my String Quartet/Dream Interpretation Guitar concerts, and Trinary System shows. Bammo….

HERE is a virtual tour of my gallery show TRANSMUTING THE PROSAIC at the BMAC, as of June 6. It has audio, visual, text, interviews, and is actually, extremely well done!

Transmuting the Prosaic

And while the opening for my art installation did happen, the BMAC shut down the very next day. Here is Part I of an interview I did regarding my installation, and here is Part II. There is hope it may open again, in a controlled basis, later in May. And the installation has been extended into October. So that’s about as good as one could ask.

Proof that it did happen, at least for one day. Photo: Debra McLaughlin.


The following new items are now up for sale at my web-store:

“Signals Calls and Marches Lyric sheet” update, from “Transmuting the Prosaic”. 
“WRCM” t-shirts, based on the Modified Vinyl piece from “Transmuting the Prosaic”.

Bandcamp now has three albums of mine: 
The Big Industry (my best Maximum Electric Piano album) Ace of Hearts 1987;
Elemental Guitar (featuring two Dream Interpretations which predate my new guitar work) SST 1992.
M2: At Land’s Edge (with my brother Benjamin) Feeding Tube 2012.; 

This new site also has an extensive DISCOGRAPHY.

Modified Vinyl T-shirt Logo

Skype Guitar Lessons

Wondering what to do in this time of self-imposed quarantine? Skype is fun AND Hygienic! Miller has been teaching for years, and very much enjoys it. Some folks keep it up regularly, some just once to have their brain jostled. His goal is to help you in whatever direction your interest. And yes, it comes with a guarantee of some “outside the box” approaches.

Wayne Viens snapped a photo of my astral body in action

Trinary System     

So much for our May gigs and recording our next LP in June. But, it can’t be helped. We have no idea when we will even be rehearsing again, much less performing. But with a few rehearsals and shows we’d be ready to record the next album. So… when the time comes, we’ll be there, doing it.

May 2012 in Vermont.

And Life Continues!

Deb and I followed the creek that runs by our house up to its source on the mountain. A very curious 45 minute walk/stumble.

Higher up the mountain than we’d been before…

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