Here’s to 2021 being a better year…

Dream Interpretations for Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble

This fall I finished two more Dream Interpretations, #19 and #20, and am doing my best to learn these complex compositions (the foot dance vs. the reading vs. the still rocking despite all that). I am hoping to record an album in 2021. Here is the link to October’s virtual concert in association with my installation Transmuting the Prosaic:

Transmuting the Prosaic

My first art installation has been sold. The Modified Vinyl are each created one at a time and numbered, and every cover for “POP Record/evolving” is created by hand. I am hoping to get the installation (with newly minted Modified Vinyl) somewhere else in the nearish future. If anyone has any suggestions where it might go next, please drop me a line! In the meantime, I am planning to work on a new Modified Vinyl piece: “A/V/A” (Audio/Visual/Audio). For this piece, I create geometric patterns on the record with extremely short audio blips. Create a visual pattern with the audio, then play that visual record and listen to the audio used. A/V/A.

—–Mar. 13, 2020 at the Brattleboro Art Museum. Two days before it all shut down.


I am working on another string quartet to improve the concert series that was slated to happen March/April 2020 but clearly did not. I am hoping these concerts – I.C.A. Boston; MassMoCA; Warhol Museum; Rhizome DC – will happen as soon as they can. 2021… 2022? Who knows… They will incorporate my music for string quartet and my Dream Interpretation guitar performance. 

Roger Clark Miller STORE!

Available are Transmuting the Prosaic T-shirts; The Signals Calls and Marches lyric sheet update; Out of print records, In print records and more. Please visit!

Sproton Layer

We throve from 1969-1971, but still have life! Here is guitarist Benjamin Miller’s grand-daughter Francesca manifesting an overt enthusiasm for the band. And the interview we did on WCBN in Ann Arbor in 2013 has been posted again. It’s quite a fun trip.

———————A new Sproton Layer fan is born every few years!

And the Months keep Coming Around

I weigh 10 pounds less than I usually do at this time of year because I’m no longer endlessly sitting in a van, sitting in a theater, sitting at an airport or on a plane, sitting sitting sitting… Eating out every day, the only exercise from performing. It’s definitely more healthy not to tour…

Too many lives were lost this year, people I knew and have loved. Was it because of Covid? Likely only indirectly, but it certainly didn’t help. Dark times. I consider myself lucky to be with someone I love and also really get along with. I am sorry for those who are seriously isolated in these Covid-Times. Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel. May 2021 be a better year.

Deb attending to the brush pile fire, prepping for our 2020 neighborhood outside Covid Yule Party, Dec.23.

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