Here Comes the Summer

The Anvil Orchestra begins!

The Alloy Orchestra has stopped, but Terry and I will continue with The Anvil Orchestra, complete with Web Site and Facebook page. It didn’t hurt that our first gig offer was from Athens Greece for a festival on Aug.28. I am happy to play Metropolis in the land where the word “Metropolis” originated. We are planning shows in the fall, next spring, and on. When a third member is needed, it will be the amazingly versatile Lawrence Dersch on percussion (see Trinary System, Binary System, AKACOD, etc.).

Due to Covid and a recommendation from the CDC, we are not going to Greece. However, we will be performing a virtual concert of Metropolis. The best we could expect in the era of Covid expanding exponentially and fires raging all over Greece. Oh boy. Let’s hope things improve and human intelligence rises to the occasion. I am not holding my breath. But I am looking forward to the virtual show!

Photo: Joanne Kaliontzis. L to R: Terry Donahue; Lawrence Dersch; Roger C. Miller

The Fourth World Quartet: 1975! 

The official CD release date is June 28 on Cuneiform Records. The Fourth World Quartet is myself (piano), my brothers Laurence (bass clarinet) and Benjamin (alto sax, electric guitar) and Jack Waterstone (alto sax). Recorded in 1975, it blends Eric Dolphy/Sun Ra with Stravinsky, melodies with anarchy, composition with improvisation. We played only two gigs, but like Sproton Layer 5 years earlier, here it is being released many years later. Recorded by future Birdsongs of the Mesozoic member Rick Scott on the same Braun tape recorder that Martin Swope used 4 years later for tape loops in Mission of Burma. It’s all coming together….

———-Photo: Deborah Randall Fisher. Design: Joanne Kaliontzis.

Eight Dream Interpretations for Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble

The recording is now complete, as well as the vinyl mastering. Of course the vinyl won’t be pressed until at least February – that’s the state of vinyl these days. But I and Dave Snyder, who engineered and co-produced this highly unusual guitar album, are really happy with the results. I sent a mix of Dream Interpretation #19 to a very few folks, and this comment came back from Jeff Mcalack at Source Audio: “If a young David Lynch directs the next James Bond movie, this should be the soundtrack.” The LP/CD will come out on Cuneiform Records. Same as Fourth World Quartet. Happy about that. (They also have the entire Birdsongs of the Mesozoic catalog).

Two Princeton Amps for re-amping sounds at Guilford Sound Recording Studio.

Trinary System rehearsing again!

Our first rehearsal in a year and a half was on June 16, and while we were rusty, rock did happen. No gigs planned at present as Larry is focussing on learning Metropolis in The Anvil Orchestra, but when things settle into shape we will be playing in the fall. Good to get back into that groove. Here is our bandcamp page.

—————-Band photo by Tinnitus Photography. Alterations by Wayne Viens.

Conceptual Artwork/Composing

I continue work on my Modified Vinyl piece “A/V/A” (Audio/Visual/Audio) where I create graphic shapes with bits of record noise audio. It’s tricky… but it’s coming along. As well, I’m working on two new string quartets. So, yeah. Exiting stuff that started during the Covid-Times, now getting closer to a real result.

Hand-made cover by the artist for “POP Record/evolving”, sold 2020.


It certainly has been a peculiar year and more. Not always good, but definitely very interesting new ideas have percolated. Deb and I needed to seriously unplug so we went to the CT shore – first time there. Here we are, on a boat on some sea. Oh wait that’s not us, we’re on the shore….

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