Summer’s Here and the Time is Right…

“Eight Dream Interpretations for Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble”

This gate-fold LP and CD is due out August 26 on Cuneiform Records. There will be three concerts in New England this fall, but this is not club music. Art museums, concert halls, that kinda thing. This album is a culmination of various interests of mine: the further edges of electric guitars (often bearing no relation to rock music) and using dreams to structure music.

HERE is the video for “Dream Interpretation No.17” by film-maker Jesse Kreitzer.

Here is the link to purchase LP/CD/Digital copies.

Fri., Sept.30. Brattleboro Art Museum. 7pm.
Solo concert: Dream Interpretations followed by a set of “unplugged” songs.

Sat., Oct.8. The Lilypad, Cambridge, MA. 8pm.
Dream Interpretations concert with modular synthesist Michael Bierylo opening.

Dec.2, 3S Artspace, Portsmouth, NH. Dream Interpretations concert in conjunction with his art installation there, “Transmuting the Prosaic.”

See Upcoming Shows for more details.

Album cover: Photograph and Design by Joanne Kaliontzis.

Trinary System

June 24: Dusk, Providence, RI. With Minibeast.  
June 25: The Jungle, Somerville, MA. With Landowner.       

For these two shows we will be hammering out new material for our upcoming second full-length. The album will be recorded the end of July at the amazing Guiford Sound Recording Studio (where I recorded my “Eight Dream Interpretations” album). We were initially planning on recording this album June 2020 but, well, “things” got in the way…

April 2022 show with MSSV at Middle East Up. Photo by Susie Davidson.

Music for String Quartet and Two Turn-Tables

I am hoping to record this composition later this summer at Berklee School of Music, with my friend and associate Michael Bierylo at the helm. The music is structured by the “Primary Record”, which consists entirely of repurposed record surface noise and “tones on tail.” I will handle the second record live along with the string quartet. Despite that one might assume the result would be total anarchy, the record surface noise is highly organized, even resulting in strong beats at some points. This composition was supposed to premier March 2020, but, again, “things” got in the way. 

Two pages of the score. The top line on each staff is what the “Primary Record” is doing.

The Anvil Orchestra

The group is taking a break this summer while Terry and Suzie embark on a driving vacation to Alaska. They could probably make a silent movie out of that! We are preparing our first CD – the main themes from “The History of the Civil War” (scored fall 2021) – to be released on Cosmic Cowboy Records in Sept. 2022. For sale at shows. We’ll be back in action in the fall.

The Anvil Orchestra in action at Cornell University March 2022. Photo: Mary Fessenden.

Sproton Layer

“Press Your Hand and the Whole Room Fluctuates”, an album of non “With Magnetic Fields Disrupted” recordings, has found a home on Third Man Records. In fact, they will release a double-album of Sproton Layer in 2023, with both “Press Your Hand and the Whole Room Fluctuates” and “With Magnetic Fields Disrupted.” Kind of amazing. We are starting to put together the elements. Third Man is also considering reissuing the WMFD book of scores which was released in 1972 from Ann Arbor Publishers. That would be beyond.

Press photo by Jim Rees for the 1972 Ann Arbor News Article on the release of the book version of “With Magnetic Fields Disrupted.”

Transmuting the Prosaic

This show will go up at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH, in November. Over the summer I am hoping to refine a new Modified Vinyl piece: Audio/Visual/Audio (A/V/A). For this work, I “draw” with small bits of audio to create geometric patterns on a 12″ record. Then one plays the record back and listens. Audio creates Visual creates an Audio experience. A couple technical issues remain to be overcome, but I am optimistic.

Equations for placing audio bits on a 12″ record to create geometric patterns.

Meanwhile, back in 1968:

Here I am 16 years of age sitting on the hillside for a free concert at Ann Arbor’s West Park band shell. It’s unlikely the MC5 were playing at this moment because, well, everyone is sitting down. (sorry, not certain of the photographer).

That’s me at the lower right with an African material shirt. One might call it “psychedelic”.

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