Fall, Falling, Fallingest

Eight Dream Interpretations, OUT NOW!

Upcoming shows:
Sat., Oct.8. The Lilypad, Cambridge, MA. 8pm.
Dec.2, 3S Artspace, Portsmouth, NH. 5-8pm. In association with Miller’s art installation there: “Transmuting the Prosaic.”

AllAboutJazz.com, Nov. 2022:
“Roger Clark Miller has a hell of a resume… “Dream Interpretation #16” opens the program with a mysterious low rumble, heavy on the reverb. Rock guitar riffs appear on top, then a locomotive rhythm drives a guitar solo (more than a bit reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix at his most experimental). “Dream Interpretation #20″ is awash with echo and backward loops, recalling Pink Floyd at their most psychedelic, before building to a massive multi-guitar climax… These dreams vary between three and seven minutes each, but they are information-rich. The dance between composition, performance and improvisation is unique, the end result of Miller’s long journey into these lands.”

The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp, Sept.2022:
“The sonic twists and turns on these eight tracks do indeed follow a dream-like logic, as Miller jumps from drones and abstraction to heavy riffs that could fit into raging rock songs. Most impressive is the guitarist’s tonal control—this music may emerge from the fog of sleep, but Miller’s deft handling is crystal clear.”
Audion 71 (UK), Oct.2022:
“Miller explores the many possibilities of using guitars as a virtual live ensemble, by way of using looping devices, cleverly achieving the sound of several performers. Roger’s use of looping isn’t always that obvious, as he doesn’t use straight fold-back in the manner of echo guitarists, but more as a method of creating layers and complex phrases to sustain and play on top of… Roger’s playing and creativity follows a unique path that’s constantly surprising and fascinating throughout all the eight pieces, some of it jarring and edgy, some of it rotating loops with solos, some of it totally freeform and very experimental. So, it’s not only a surprising album, but remarkable really, right down to the quite bonkers final track.”
Alias (Italy): “kaleidoscope of sounds… adventurous and extremely psychedelic.”

Cuneiform Records Bandcamp site.

Dream Interpretation No.17 video.

Photo by Jesse Kreitzer

The Anvil Orchestra

Besides shows, our first CD will be out soon on Cosmic Cowboy Records! The primary themes from our score to Dziga Vertov’s “The History of the Civil War”, which we premiered in Amsterdam in fall 2021. Ambient moods, desolation of war – ironically, in Ukraine, but 100 years ago – marching and optimistic futures! 

The fall is touring time, and while COVID is still in the back of people’s minds, things are at least looking up:

Sat., Oct.15. Clemens Fine Art Center
West Kentucky Community and Technical College. Paducah, KT.
“The General”, Buster Keaton’s acclaimed masterpiece.
Fri., Oct.28. Communiuty Theater, Catskill NY.“The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, the classic German Expressionist Film.
Sat., Oct.29. Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, VT “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, the classic German Expressionist Film.
Nov.4-5. AFI Silver Theater, Silver Spring, MD
Fri., Nov.4. 7:15 pm. “Man with the Movie Camera”, Dziga Vertov’s masterpiece of avant-garde cinema. Here we are joined by drummer extraordinaire (see Trinary System) Larry Dersch for the full double-percussionist show.
Sat., Nov.5. 2:00 pm: “Phantom of the Opera”, starring the amazing Lon Chaney.
Sat., Nov.5. 4:30 pm: “Blackmail”, Alfred Hitchcock’s last silent film. Classic Hitchcock.
Sun., Nov. 6. The National Gallery of Art, Washington DC “The History of the Civil War”, by Russian director Dziga Vertov. (Director of Man with the Movie Camera). Free!

Photo by Joanne Kaliontzis

Transmuting the Prosaic

Dec.2-Jan.19, 2023, 3S Artspace, Portsmouth, NH.

This is the second showing of Miller’s installation which includes both “Modified Vinyl” and “The Davis Square Symphony” (which transforms traffic patterns into an orchestral score). There is hope for a new “Modified Vinyl” piece for this show titled “Audio/Visual/Audio.” Matt Hall (of Guilford Sound recording studio) is helping out with this – currently he has a digital microscope that he hopes can track the record. We shall see. Or we shall not see. We’ll see if it can be done.

“Modified Vinyl” at BMAC 2020.

Music for String Quartet and Two Turntables

The composition “Music for String Quartet and Two Turn-tables” was recorded at Berklee School of Music in early September with the Ludovico Ensemble and Michael Bierylo engineering. It was quite an interesting and fun experience. Next: find to time edit and begin mixing in later October.

Photo by Michael Bierylo.

Trinary System Recording

The tracks the band recorded at Guilford Sound in July were excellent: raw, energetic, and superbly recorded. Improvisations were recorded for the band to edit, Can-Style, into a track for the album. There are vocals to cut, mellotron and backwards piano to overdub, and editing of improvs. into manageable chunks. Excited, but at present it’s a bit on the back-burner. Maybe it’s time to get a new stove.

Vox AC30 and a Fender Super Six Reverb. Guilford Sound: where Sound is Sound.

Childhood Art Interview

The Canadian magazine, Children’s Design International Collection, interviewed Miller for five minutes on this drawing which he made in 9th grade. It was quite fun and to the point.

A “Grob” from Fall 9th grade.

Home Life

Construction. The studio is being expanded – “Dream Interpretations” set-up will actually be able to fit and rehearse – and an upstairs pantry/laundry-room will both be ready before the snow flies. Other rooms under construction (the big ones) may take until next Spring. But it’s going to be totally worth it. 

Outside the living room window, July 2022.

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