Winter 2022/2023

Dream Interpretations: Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble

The Arts Fuse. Dec. 2022:
“As fluid and experimental as Eight Dream Interpretations is, the album’s rambunctious sonic palette is nothing if not inviting.”

The three fall shows were extremely well received. Miller has begun conceptualizing the next album – how to continue the ensemble from new angles to keep it a living entity.

The album can be listened to and purchased HERE.

Live at 3S Artspace on Dec.2, opening night of his installation “Transmuting the Prosaic”. Photo by David D. Smith.

The Anvil Orchestra

The Anvil Orchestra laid up the fall pretty good. Not as dense of touring as in Alloy Orchestra touring days, but this suits the band just fine. Amazing drummer Larry Dersch (Binary System and Trinary System with Roger) learned and performed “Man with the Movie Camera” and nailed it at the AFI Silver in November. They are taking time off now for the winter, but Anvil is looking forward to shows in the spring and summer.

And their first CD is out now on Cosmic Cowboy Records! This is the Anvil Orchestra score to “The History of the Civil War” by Dziga Vertov. The Anvil Orchestra premiered the score in Amsterdam fall 2021. A store will be set up online for this CD in early 2023.

New CD by The Anvil Orchestra on Cosmic Cowboy!

Transmuting the Prosaic

3S Artspace, Portsmouth, NH. Dec.2, 2022 – Jan.22, 2023

The show’s opening in December went very well (it included Miller’s third “Dream Interpretations” concert). It was great seeing people using the headphones at the listening stations and really listening and thinking about the process.

Given that the 3S show is the second show for the installation, it seems that it is taking on a life of its own. Like the Dream Interpretation work, it can be continued with new approaches providing variations on the primordial themes. 

3S Artspace: Dec.2, 2022- Jan.22, 2023. Photo by Sara O’Reilly.

Surrealist Games

Now that Covid is reduced to a low-grade fever in America, the Games begin anew.

Jan.21: Epsilon Spires, Brattleboro, VT. This event will feature Miller performing a short concert on prepared piano before the Games begin.

Feb.14: Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT. This is a recurring Valentine’s Day event because it always goes so well! Surrealist Games are definitely ice-breakers: the subconscious is allowed expression in a safe environment.

This stuff is too fun not to keep it going. It remains a thrill to see every person in the venue making stuff up out of nowhere and being amazed by the results. Kinda like The Big Bang. 

Photo: Debra McLaughlin. Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT. Feb14, 2019

Trinary System

Due to Miller’s rather busy fall, it’s taken until December to get back to the Trinary System album which was started in July 2022. But overdubs and vocals are coming together at the amazing Guilford Sound Studio. We cannot praise this studio enough (the “Eight Dream Interpretations” album was recorded there). A Mellotron has so far proved to be the “secret weapon” in the proceedings. 

The megalithic stairway where we stayed in July. Photo: P. Andrew Willis.

Guitar Lessons

As time goes on, I find teaching guitar more interesting. The nuances of the instrument become clearer and easier to explain (or so it seems to me). And there are so many aspects to it. It’s been great teaching a neighbors’ 12-year old kid who really gets it. One lesson we jammed on Interstellar Overdrive – talk about making my day!

Mission of Burma, 1981. Not sure where or who took it.

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