Summer 2023: Is it hot? or is it HOT?

Upcoming Shows:

Dallas, TX: Oak Cliff Film Festival:
June 23RCM Solo”Unplugged” concert (Burma, Trinary System, Sun Ra, Syd Barret, unrecorded RCM songs) at The Wild Detectives.
June 24: Anvil Orchestra Trio (with Larry Dersch): “The Lost World”.

RCM solo: LOUD WEEKEND at MassMoCA (Bang on a Can):
July 29: 8:00pm. Dream Interpretations for Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble concert (some new material since the album).

RCM Solo: The Clarence Brown Film Festival, Knoxville, TN:
Aug.19: RCM solo silent film accompaniment to “The Signal Tower”, 1926.
Aug.20: RCM solo “Unplugged” (Burma, Trinary System, Sun Ra, Syd Barret, unrecorded RCM songs).

Anvil Orchestra Trio (with Larry Dersch):
Aug.22The Somerville Theater, Somerville, MA. “Man with the Movie Camera”

Anvil Orchestra:
Sept.6: Coolidge Corner Theater, Brookline, MA. “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”.

Anvil Orchestra:
Sept. 10: Hamilton College, Clinton New York. “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” and more.

The Anvil Orchestra. The Fourth World Quartet. RCM Solo.


I will be working with Skylight Pictures on my fifth film with them (four which premiered at Sundance), BORDERLAND. This documentary is about the US/Mexican Border and the Border/Industrial Complex that generates mucho money for US companies with complete disregard for human dignity and making profit on the destruction of families. It is always a pleasure to work with the group of dedicated and amazing people at Skylight. HERE are some cues from my pervious work with them.

The US/Mexican Border… wall and all…

Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble:

I have composed four new dream interpretations. But I am also looking for new directions, while not contradicting the territory I have charted so far. Instead of four more dream interpretations (making eight like the first album), I am using photographs from the Mars Rover “Curiosity” to structure the second half of the album, as one long suite (or “trip” as it were). Space Music indeed.

Score in progress for Part I and Part II of Curiosty

What Else?

Due to there being quite a bit of other stuff to do, my new Modified Vinyl work is going a little slower than I had hoped. But it is already producing very interesting work in the three pieces I have started. Who would’ve thought that using a palm sander on an unplayable Eagles’ LP would result in such a beautiful blank slate? So far it has been incredibly inspiring, but, for now, it will take a back seat.

Improvisation No.1

And of course, Deb and I survived black fly season and I spent four hours with a neighbor getting fallen trees out of our pond from the intense March storm. A truly Vermont experience which was, oddly, quite fun. Paradise isn’t always paradisial: sometimes it takes real work to live in beauty. But it takes real work to make beauty too, so I’m OK with that.

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