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“Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble”

March 29: 
Dream Interpretations at the Black Cat, Washington, DC. Opening for Messthetics.

Dream Interpretations at Town and City Festival, Lowell, MA. Immediately following is the amazing band Sapling (who I will be sitting in with on cornet). Earlier that day is Minibeast. So there is no excuse not to be there!

May 18:
Dream Interpretations at The Crystal Ballroom, Somerville, MA. Opening for Messthetics.

The next “Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble” album, “Curiosity”, will be entering the mixing phase shortly. So far, so good.

The Anvil Orchestra

The Anvil Orchestra has some spring shows coming up after selling out the Coolidge Corner Theater with Metropolis in January:

April 18:
The Milwaukee Film Festival. Performing our score to “The Cabinet or Dr. Caligari.”

April 20:
The Roger Ebert Film Festival (Ebertfest) in Champaign, IL. Performing our score to Alfred Hitchcock’s last silent film BLACKMAIL.

Trinary System

The second full-length album is ready to go and is a vast move forward from “Lights in the Center of Your Head.” Label? Workin’ on it…

Photo: Tim Bugbee/altered by Wayne Viens

Lots of Interviews this round:

A Podcast interview from Blowing Smoke with Twisted Rico. Fairly far-reaching: From Ann Arbor to Boston to Vermont. It certainly sums things up to the present.

Here is an article in the Manchester Ink Link magazine regarding my upcoming (at that time) show in Keene, NH. Discussions of dreams and music (as one might expect).

Here is the interview is from the Northampton, MA, WHMP radio show “Talk the Talk” on Jan.11. It’s primarily about my “Dream Interpretations for Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble” work and the concert on Jan.12 at Hawks and Reed in Greenfield, MA. As expected though, quite varied terrain is discussed. 

And here is an interview from the SST historical group, YOU DON’T KNOW MOJACK, concerning my NO MAN: Whamon Express album. I am not fond of that album, but the interview was surprisingly fun.

Unused photo to promote the release of the book “With Magnetic Fields Disrupted” in 1972. Photo: Jim Rees. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Recently read Books:

Chasm, by Dorothea Tanning. 
Her writing, here as well as in her autobiography “Birthday”, is a wonder to integrate. Perhaps a distant echo of Virginia Wolf in her odd objectivity? Max Ernst was married to her, which is how she got on my radar. But she belongs in a category unto herself.

Zoroastrianism (an introduction), by Jenny Rose. 
I was hoping for something a bit more magical from this religion that pre-dated Judaism, Christianity and Islam and influenced them all. Nonetheless, they were definitely solid “do-gooders”. Their mania for cleanliness aside, I love the way the “bury” their dead: they put them outside for birds to pick away at their flesh.  

33 1/3 series: LOW. Hugo Wilken.
As we were working on the new “Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble” composition “Curiosity on Mars: Part IV”, I realized that its floating melody was very Low-like, though I arrived there from a rather different angle. So I re-read this 33 1/3 book – it’s  wonderfully off-kilter, and puts you right there.

Dada: Art and Anti-Art, by Hans Richter. 
How I didn’t know about this book until now is beyond me. The story of DaDa told by someone who was there. And, to top it off, he is humble (in a DaDa sort of way) and humorously ironic in his story-telling. Totally great stuff.

“Density Drawing”

“Bird charmer, too multiplied perhaps to feel clearly.
Not that it’s wrong.
Its weight/carriage may be greater than its plan.
Its intent to rise.
Or at least not to sink.
There is sky.”

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