Background Piano

 Sophisticated piano music for art gatherings.

Roger Clark Miller is an experienced pianist.  Playing by age 6, he studied piano at California Institute of the Arts, Thomas Jefferson College and The University of Michigan. He began seriously composing on piano in the 10th grade and continues to this day. He was offered a full-time job accompanying dance classes at the University of Michigan in 1977 but he declined the offer, instead moving to Boston co-forming the seminal post-punk art band Mission of Burma.

Miller is the keyboardist and composer for The Alloy Orchestra, considered “The best in the world at silent film accompaniment” by Roger Ebert.  He has performed as pianist in The Binary System (3 cds, 1 on SST, 2 on Atavistic, 1994-1998), Maximum Electric Piano (3 cds, 1 on Ace of Hearts, 2 on SST, 1986-1989); Birdsongs of the Mesozoic (2 EPs and 1 LP on Ace of Hearts Records, 2 Cds on Cuneiform records,1980-1988), and solo (The Benevolent Disruptive Ray CD on SST).

Despite his avant-garde leanings, Miller is drawn to the work of Erik Satie and other 1920’s composers for their deep blend of emotion with forward-looking harmonic content.  He infuses this aesthetic into original sophisticated works suitable for art gatherings. Miller has material for up to a three hour event.

Venue requirements: A piano is required, a Grand Piano is ideal.

For more information, contact

…then Every Winter would last One Second.  Roger Clark Miller.

Neo-Erik Satie.  Roger Clark Miller.

Peerd Rail Se.  Roger Clark Miller.

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