The Trinary System, Big Steam and other 7″ Records

The Trinary System’s First Release!


Amp the Amp cover

7″ 45 Dave Davies b/w This House.  Comes with EP Download card.


For upcoming shows, music, and reviews:
Trinary System Web Site.


The band plans on recording a full-length in 2017.

Trinary System VT, photo DebThe Trinary System, May 2014.  Photo: Debra McLaughlin

BIKE! video
from TT’s, 2013.  An homage to the Ventures and that whole genre.  (Thanks Ben Parsons and Bridget Toner!)

Live video from Geno’s Maine: “I Lead a Modular Life” Oct.2014.

Trinary System@Store 54, May 2014. Pacey FosterThe Trinary System at Store 54, May 2014.  Photo: Pacey Foster
L to R: P. Andrew Willis Bass and Vocal; Larry Dersch Drums; Miller Guitar and Vocal.


BIG STEAM b/w DREAM INTERPRETATION, Miller’s second “solo rock 45”, and the proto-type for The Trinary System, is now out on GOOD ROAD Records.  Copies can be ordered at GOOD ROAD, and the songs can be listened to there as well.  This is GOOD ROAD’s first release, but we can expect many more to come!

The BIG STEAM VIDEO was posted in mid-September, 2012.  It was picked as “Video of the Week” in the Boston Phoenix.

BIG STEAM 45 Cover

BIG STEAM 45 Cover

Big Steam reviewed as “Single of the Month”!  The Skinny (Glasgow) Review.  Drop down 3 records below Sinead O’Connor.

Review of Big Steam, and Mr. Miller in general from The Vinyl District.

Interesting 2012 interview with Mr. Miller


POP Record/evolving   (7″ on RRRecords, playable at any speed).

Extended Play show at Emily Harvey Gallery, NYC

From the liner notes:

“One problem with vinyl records is that they start virgin and degenerate.  Another problem, as John Cage complained, is that recorded performances are frozen, with no life to them.

It was Cage’s complaint that caused me to act.  I made a recording of record surface noise, the sounds found before and after the recorded selections, and had this cut to acetate, which is notorious for wearing away quickly.  (Although vinyl does not degenerate as rapidly as acetate, the process is essentially the same).  The result is a record which constantly evolves and never gets any “worse.”  The degeneration – old pops wearing away and new ones appearing as the acetate/vinyl breaks up – becomes regeneration, solving Cage’s problem with “static” recording as well. The original tape (cassette with Dolby B) was mastered to acetate at Fleetwood Studios in Revere, MA, by Bill Ferruzzi, December, 1985.

Side B features four bars of Bach’s Fugue XVI inscribed by hand into the vinyl (done January, 1998).  I had planned this in 1985, but it was not executed on the original acetate until 1994.  A recording of this appears as the final track on “Roger Miller’s Exquisite Corpse: UNFOLD (SST CD 307).”

The record was part of two gallery shows, both involving manipulation of vinyl.  The NYC show was in 1988.  Other artists included Christian Marclay; The Beatles; Grandmaster Flash; Nam June Paik; LaMonte Young; Lou Reed; Yves Klein and others .  The Toronto show was in 2008.

POP Record/evolving was originally issued as Fun World Product 003, only one copy made.

The RRRecords disc is now officially OOP.

Needle and the Damage Done show: Toronto Gallery

POP Record/evolving was part of two Gallery Exhibitions focusing on vinyl:

1.  Extended Play, curated by Christian Marclay at the Emily Harvey Gallery in NYC, 1988.

2.  Needle and the Damage Done, curated by Dave Dyment, at the Harbourfront York Quay Centre, Toronto, 2005.


FWP 45 #1:

FWP 45 front cover.


FWP 45 review, The Big Takeover (Dec.2011):
“A two-song serving of the Mission of Burma guitarist/singer’s solo work. Given the A-side’s (“Angled Scene”) overall similarity to MOB’s drama-fueled artpunk skronk, one can rest easy in the knowledge that this is a true keeper stop-gap release.

AUDIO: Edit from Angled Scene.  Larry Dersch, drums.

THE DOWNLOAD CARD (that comes with the 45):
The download is not the “pure digital file.”  The file that one can download is a performance of the 45 – you hear the needle go down, the record being played, and the needle lift off.  This is, after all, a 45.


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