Roger Clark Miller is available for solo gigs specializing in the following:

1.  Surrealist Games
2.  Cartoon Night
3.  Frottage Show – show and lecture/demonstration.
4.  Unplugged/Solo Guitar
5.  Background Piano for Art Events
6.  Prepared Piano – performance and lecture/demonstration.

Interested in having Miller at a show? Please email

One response to “Bookings

  • Judy Herzl

    Hey Roger, I’m sorry I missed the Alloy show in Santa Fe, but went to look up the band after a friend described it. I saw your name, thought it looked familiar and realized you were the same Roger from the Boston Punk rock music scene. I never photographed Mission of Burma but photographed a lot of Boston bands at that time — which started out by working for Subway News. Not all the local Boston Pics are up, but you can see my work at:
    I’m following Alloy so I’ll be up to date on your tour schedule. I became a photographer after seeing Carl Dryer’s Passion of Joan of Arc, which I saw many times — once with at the San Fran Museum of Modern Art accompanied by someone playing a baby grand. I imagine that’s a harder film to compose for than some of the other silents, but boy it’s a fab film. Let me know if you’re out this way again. It would be great to meet up with someone from that special time. Judy

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