Cartoon Night

“When Popeye, in one of his mightiest epics, finally opened up his can of spinach the entire audience let out a cheer!”

Roger Clark Miller, who has created sound design and scores for animation since 1991, is eager to show his favorite cartoons from the ’20′s, ’30′s and ’40′s, considered the Golden Age. Miller’s Cartoon Night features KoKo the Clown, Daffy Duck, Popeye, Betty Boop, Wladyslaw Starewica’s amazing Russian stop-camera animation and many other cartoons based on unknown, yet just as fascinating, characters.

Superman holds Electricity to Save the City

Superman holds Electricity to Save the City

These are the wildest, most surprising cartoons in Miller’s private collection. Their ingenuity  and diversity transcends the generic concept of the term “cartoon”.  They  feature stop-action, 3D blends, black, white and color animation, all innovations ahead of their time that changed the film industry.

Miller said, “Animation has always fascinated me because it is not tied to reality; sounds do not have to be exactly like the real world, and the laws of physics are readily and cheerfully broken.”

Cartoon Night is comprised of two 45 minute sets with a brief intermission. It is ideally suited for intimate crowds of 50 – 100.  Miller offers brief commentary before and after the cartoons, relating to historicity, innovation, and social relevance, all the while contributing to madcap entertainment.

Cartoons of Old.

Cartoons of Old.

Venue Requirements: Venue must supply a DVD player, projector and screen with sufficient lumens to properly illuminate the cartoons. A microphone is desirable for Miller’s commentary. Chairs can be arranged to provide a “living room type” viewing experience.

Miller’s first Cartoon Night in 2012, at the Arts at the Armory Cafe in Somerville, sold out.

For more information, contact

Daffy Duck and WWII

Daffy Duck and WWII

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