Chronological Discography

New Releases

August 26, 2022: “Eight Dream Interpretations for Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble” by Roger Clark Miller. Cuneiform Records. Miller’s Dream Interpretation Technique is full-blown here, combined with 4 guitars, devices and extended looping techniques. Guaranteed to be a new take on electric guitars.

Coming Fall 2022: “Music from THE HISTORY OF THE CIVIL WAR” by the Anvil Orchestra. Cosmic Cowboy Records. The Anvil Orchestra’s first new score, fall 2021, which premiered at IDFA in Amsterdam that November.

July 2021: “The Fourth World Quartet: 1975”. Cuneiform Records. The Miller brothers blending jazz and classical music: piano, bass clarinet, two alto saxophones, electric guitar. Covers include Stravinsky and The Art Ensemble of Chicago.

Coming in 2023:
Sproton Layer Double LP on Third Man Records. “With Magnetic Fields Disrupted” plus “Press Your Hand and the Whole Room Fluctuates”, from 1969-1971.
The Trinary System: New album. Recording main tracks happened July 2022. Overdubs, vocals and mixing continuing through-out the fall

Below is a chronological list of releases.
To keep things from being too cluttered, the more detailed discography is divided into three groups:

G. = Guitar-based.
P.  = Piano/prepared piano-based.
O. = Other.

Recording dates included only if they diverge wildly from release dates.

G. Mission of Burma: Academy Fight Song/Max Ernst (1980, Ace of Hearts)
G. Mission of Burma: Signals Calls and Marches (1981, Ace of Hearts)
G. Mission of Burma: Trem II/OKNoWay 7″(1982, Ace of Hearts)
G. Mission of Burma: Vs. (1982, Ace of Hearts)
                       Catalog reissued on Rykodisc ,Matador and Fire.
P. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic EP (1983 Ace of Hearts)
P. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Magnetic Flip (1985 Ace of Hearts)
G. Mission of Burma: The Horrible Truth about Burma (1985 Ace of Hearts)
O. POP Record/evolving (1985 Fun World).
                       Reissued on RRRecords.
P. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Beat of the Mesozoic (1986 Ace of Hearts)
P. Maximum Electric Piano: No Man is Hurting Me (1986 Ace of Hearts)
G. Mission of Burma: Forget (1986 TAANG!)
P. Maximum Electric Piano: Groping Hands EP (1986 Ace of Hearts)
P. Maximum Electric Piano: The Big Industry (1987 Ace of Hearts)
G. Mission of Burma: Peking Spring (1987 TAANG!)P.
P. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic: To a Random (1987 Arf Arf)
                       Birdsongs of the Mesozoic catalog reissued on Rykodisc and Cuneiform.
G. Roger Miller? Oh. (1988 Forced Exposure)
                       Reissued on New Alliance and Feeding Tube.
P. Maximum Electric Piano: Win! Instantly! (1988 SST)
G. No Man: Damage the Enemy (1989 SST or New Alliance)
G. No Man: Whamon Express  (1990 SST)
G. No Man: How the West was Won  (1991 SST)
O. Xylyl and a Woman in Half (1991 New Alliance)
G. Sproton Layer: Lost behind Words 7″. (1991 New Alliance).Recorded 1969.
G. Sproton Layer: With Magnetic Fields Disrupted (1991 New Alliance)   Recorded 1970.
                         Reissued on World in Sound.
O. M3: M3 (1993 New Alliance)
O. Roger Miller’s Exquisite Corpse: Unfold (1994 SST)
G. Elemental Guitar (1995 SST)
G. Wrong Pipe 45 (1995 Remora)
P. The Benevolent Disruptive Ray (1996 New Alliance)
P. Binary System: Live at the Idea Room (1997 SST)
P. Binary System: From the Epicenter (1999 Atavistic)
O. Alloy Orchestra: Multiple DVD/Blu-Ray releases of scores with films, 1999-present.
P. Binary System: Invention Box (2001 Atavistic)
O. M3: Unearthing (2001 Sublingual)
O. Ranaldo/Hooker/Miller: Monsoon (2002 Atavistic)
G. Mission of Burma: ON/off/ON (2004 Matador)
G. Mission of Burma: Snapshot Live EP (2004 Matador)
G. Mission of Burma: The Obliterati (2006 Matador)
G. Mission of Burma: Sound Speed the Light (2009 Matador)
G. FWP 45. (Fun World 2011)
G. Mission of Burma: Unsound (2012 Fire)
O. M2: At Land’s Edge (2013 Feeding Tube)
O. Alloy Orchestra: METROPOLIS (2014 Alloy Orchestra)
G. Trinary System: Amplify the Amplifiers (2015 Fun World)
G. Trinary System: Lights in the Center of Your Head (2019 Feeding Tube)

Roger@Piano, age 9.