Discography Guitar-based

“Eight Dream Interpretations for Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble” LP/CD on Cuneiform Records , released Sept.1, 2022. HERE is the video for “Dream Interpretation No.17” by film-maker Jesse Kreitzer.

Mission of Burma.1979-1983. 2002-2015
Guitarist, singer, song-writer, co-founder.

The band is in all the books on indie rock from the ’80’s, always listed as rather influential. The band didn’t care that much what other people thought.

Most of the discography is here:
Matador Records
Or here:
Fire Records

Sproton Layer 1969-1971.
Bassist, singer, primary song-writer, leader.
With Magnetic Fields Disrupted (CD/LP/cass). Recorded 1970.
New Alliance: released 1992. OOP.
Reissued by World in Sound (CD/LP). 2012. (vastly superior).
Sproton Layer: Lost Behind Words (45) Recorded 1969
New Alliance: released 1991. OOP.
Michael Azzerad, from his book “Our Band could be Your Life”:
“Sproton Layer sounds like Syd Barrett fronting Cream” 

Roger Miller: Oh (Guitars, etc.). (LP)
Forced Exposure 014: released 1988. OOP.
Oh. reissue (CD) New Alliance 097: released 1994. OOP.
Oh. reissue (LP)
Feeding Tube: released 2015
Digital version available HERE.
This disc was recorded on a 4-track cassette deck in the summer of 1988 at the request of Forced Exposure Records. The initial covers for the 2,000 Forced Exposure LPs were each hand-done in Miller’s driveway utilizing pebbles and spray paint.
NYTimes, Jan.’89:
“Avant-garde Record of the Week: For all their groaning and moaning, the tunes have a comfortable, accessible feel that belies their experimental nature.”

Roger Miller Elemental Guitar (CD, cass). 
SST: released 1995.OOP
Digital version available HERE.
This record incorporates loops and devices/preparations, relating directly to his earlier Maximum Electric Piano work. It features two Dream Interpretations which are the model for his 2020 work “A Book of Dreams.”
Magnet, Oct.’95:
“I’m most impressed by the instrumentals “Dream Interpretation No.7” and “Dream Interpretation No.8,” which dip, swirl and turn inside out in pursuit of Miller’s elliptical dream logic.”

Trinary System  2013-present.
Guitar, vocals, song-writer, leader. Miller’s post-Burma rock trio. Not so loud, less punk, more psychedelic, improvisatory, and at times, highly complex/composed.

Amplify the Amplifiers (April 2016, Fun World Records). 5-song EP.
Digital HERE (Vinyl now only at shows):
The Noise, Boston.  May 2016:
“There is skronk, feedback, flash, psyche, R & B vamps, classical and more. It is also a very rock ’n’ roll record, with choruses and everything. It just rocks a little weirder, and a lot better, than almost anything else you’ve ever heard in your life.”

Lights in the Center of Your Head (Feeding Tube Records). June 2019
Digital HERE
MAGNET Magazine, Sept. 2019:
“If Burma at its best had the jostling, bounded chaos of a really physical basketball game, Trinary System is a bit more like pro soccer.”

FWP 45
Proto-Proto-type for Trinary System.
Fun World Records, 2011. OOP
The Big Takeover, Dec.2011:
“Given the A-side’s (“Angled Scene”) overall similarity to MOB’s drama-fueled artpunk skronk, one can rest easy in the knowledge that this is a true keeper stop-gap release.”

Big Steam 45pm. Good Road 2012.
Miller’s second “solo rock 45”, and the proto-type for The Trinary System,
The Vinyl District, Sept. 2012:
“This is a very strong outing from one of rock music’s most rewarding and enduring experimental minds and worth the full attention of any Mission of Burma fan.”
Video for BIG STEAM

F.U.K.: Road Kill.
Pre-Burma dada punk.
7″ 45. Hozac Records, 2018. Recorded 1977.
Dusted, 2018:
“Here’s this chugging 2-chord riff coming at you, and then it bursts into a guitar solo that sounds like a wet robot frying in a vat of acid.”

Moving Parts (1978)
Wrong Conclusion (CD)
Arf Arf, 1998.
Ill-fated, yet inadvertently forward-looking rock band where Miller met Clint Conley (Mission of Burma bassist) and Erik Lindgren (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic keyboard player).

NO MAN: Miller’s flawed rock band 1989-1991.
Guitar, vocals, sequenced percussion sounds.

No Man/No Man’s Band: Damage the Enemy (CD/LP/cass)
New Alliance: released 1989. OOP
Side I features Miller’s rock songs. Side II features No Man’s Band in an improvisatory setting.
Also from No Man’s Band: One song only:
Place of General Happiness (CD/cass)  ESD: released 1990. OOP

No Man: Whamon Express (CD/LP/cass)
SST: released 1990. OOP
Also, from the same sessions: Diamondback Remix (45) SST, 1991
Miller’s flawed rock band, better produced.

No Man: How the West was Won (CD/LP/cass)
SST 281: released 1991
Possibly better than Whamon Express. Includes original versions of Wounded World and The Set-Up, both later recorded by Mission of Burma for their 2004 LP ONoffON.
Video for “Wounded World”.