Discography “Other”

Alloy Orchestra: 1998 to present.
Silent Film accompaniment ensemble/trio. Keyboardist, composer.
3 CDs and over 15 DVDs/Blu-Rays of silent films with their original scores:
“The Best in the World at accompanying silent film”, Roger Ebert. 2004.

Man with a Movie Camera, Double-LP
Third Man Records, 2014.

POP Record/evolving. 12″ Record
Fun World, 1985.  Released as a 7″ by RRRecords. 1991. OOP. New copies custom made to order by Miller (see “Store”).
Record of record noise, b/w Bach inscribed with a screw-driver.
Art New England, 1986:
“POP Record/evolving is a recording of the pops and scratches that constitute the same “patina” Marclay’s “Record without a Cover” exploits. Miller’s record, however, consists ONLY of these pops and scratches.”

Roger Miller: XYLYL and A Woman in Half (CD/LP/cass)
New Alliance, 1991. OOP
The Xylyl ensemble was put together to play a show at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston. A Woman in Half is a soundtrack to Michael Burlingame’s film of that name.
Your Flesh, ’91:
“Miller remains true to form here: building on his musical past and probing a few potential sonic futures, he does his damnedest to illuminate and entertain at the same time. He succeeds.”

Roger Miller’s Exquisite Corpse: Unfold (CD, cass)
SST, 1994. OOP
Milwaukee Journal, ’95:
“Some of the most ancient instruments appear alongside samples and percussion assembled from scrap, endowing this disc with a timeless spirit.”

M2: At Land’s Edge
LP Feeding Tube 2013. (OOP).
Digital copy HERE.
Brothers Roger (prepared piano) and Benjamin Miller (multiphonic guitar) in an entirely improvised setting.
Snakes and Eagles, July 2013:
“The record sounds gorgeous, with the disguised instruments pushing their way effortlessly past the barrier of unfamiliarity and into a realm of breath-taking beauty, and at times the combined noise is like a 21st-century refit of Harry Partch.”

M-3: M-3 (CD, cass)
New Alliance, 1993. OOP.
Digital Soon.
Roger, Laurence and Benjamin Miller (see Sproton Layer), recording together for the first time in 20 years.
Guitar Player, June ’94:
“Juggling stylistic touchstones like King Crimson, Beefheart, Can, and Zappa, M-3 chip away at dense, guttural improvs and clusters of percussive, metallic sound… One of the richest guitar albums to emerge this year.”

M-3: Unearthing. (CD)
Sublingual Rare Editions, 2001. OOP
“As if the screws and bolts that hold music to normal scaffolding have all been removed.”

Ranaldo/Hooker/Miller: Monsoon
Atavistic Records, 2009. OOP
Miller; bass/sampler; Lee Ranaldo, guitar; William Hooker, drums.
Free improvisation recorded by Richard W. Harte at The Knitting Factory, NYC in 2008.