Dream-State Guitar

In 2018, Miller became interested in guitar playing that was not overtly tied to rock music, that blended his interest in composing for chamber groups with his interest in dreams. This led him to revisit his previous work with loops and devices (Elemental Guitar, Maximum Electric Piano) for the creation of a solo performance, a one-person guitar chamber ensemble.

Starting with a customized Stratocaster 6-string, he added three lap-steel guitars (6- strings on legs). Two of these he prepared with alligator clips and bolts, as much portable prepared pianos as guitars. The other one is in the classic Glenn Branca unison “E” tuning, capable of being bowed and prepared with anything from a fork to a hand-sized rock, and of course also a regular slide.

Pivotal to the work is his new looping device, the Boomerang III, which is capable of looping/repeating up to three separate loops, each which play in reverse, or speeded an octave up or down. Along with a new series of sound-altering devices/stomp-boxes (thanks Source Audio! – https://www.sourceaudio.net/ -), this is allowing him to create elaborate compositions.

All these compositions use his “Dream Interpretation Technique”, where he transforms dreams from his dream journal into music. The unconscious mind is expressed by extended techniques and attitudes in the electric guitars. We all dream.

The postponed series of concerts in Spring 2020 all were to feature this music, “A Book of Dreams.” Miller continues to perfect the music, and hopes the concerts will all be re-booked in October (there is a good start on this).