Guitar Lessons

Miller in his Studio via SKYPE.

Miller in his Studio via SKYPE.

Roger Miller has taught guitar lessons out of his home for years.  He has now added SKYPE guitar lessons to the mix.  Many people do this, why not Mr. Miller?  Now he can teach all over the world (does the International Space Station have Skype?).

He was initially skeptical that Skype lessons would be satisfying, but experience has not born this out.  He is happily able to say that they have gone very well for everyone involved.  One of his lessons lives in Tokyo – he’s drinking his morning coffee while Miller shifts to beer in the evening.

Miller also teaches composition via Skype.

May 2017: Tone Report: 9 absolutely essential Post-Punk Guitarists
Miller is listed at number two.

“Mr. Miller can summon up three decades of guitar sounds.” N.Y.Times (written in 1983).
“One of the Thirty Down and Dirty Guitar players of All Time.” Guitar Player Magazine.

To hear what Miller is currently up to on the guitar, check out his new rock trio, Trinary System, is HERE.

Beginners through Advanced.
Weekly basis or a one-time session to open potential.
Many people choose “every other week”.
Available between 11am-8pm EST.

Teaching is based on an individual’s interests and is All-Ages.  Miller currently has a 9 year-old taking lessons who he has coached into writing songs, some of which are quite epic.  “I am very interested in helping musicians write songs, create riffs, whatever their interest.  Everyone has a natural ability to do this, and I love bringing it into the world.”

While most of Miller’s notoriety stems from the post-punk era, he studied composition at California Institute of the Arts and on occasion enjoys playing blues. He has played piano since he was 6 years old.  He has been teaching guitar for many years.  He began playing guitar in 1965.

Lessons are $60/hr.

Contact here:

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“Roger’s unique blend of academic musical knowledge and practical punk rock experience made all the difference for me as a player. He’s extremely affable and generous of his time, and despite being a pretty big hero of mine, he was never anything but down to earth and encouraging.” – Steve Bailey

“Roger has an innate understanding of not just guitar playing but everything music. Like a chess master he already has the next few moves figured out and he’s willing to share them with you. Highly recommended.” – David Breen

“Roger Miller has forgotten more about guitar than you will probably ever know. His lessons are relaxed, fun and student-focused. He is a wonderful teacher and will help you to develop and improve your playing. Bonus: He doesn’t force you to learn “Stairway to Heaven”. – Meredith Shantz

“Roger not only teaches basic principles of guitar and music: he has the ability to tap into the creative gene and open amazing possibilities to guitar approach!” – Steve Smith

“I was in a rut with my songs and arrangements.  Without bombarding me with a lot of theory, Roger was able to help me see past where I had been getting stumped. He’s shown me a few simple techniques that have greatly improved my approach to the instrument!” – Chris Pendergast

“Roger has been working with my 9 year old daughter for a few months.  He is a wonderful teacher.  He has been able to meet her at her level as well as find ways to keep her interested and engaged.  I love his non-traditional approach of letting my daughter learn and explore through what makes sense to her and not using a by-the-book, cookie cutter approach.” – Correen Demers

“I found him to be intuitive, responsive and encouraging regarding the directions I wanted to go, and he has been tremendous in helping me focus and shape my sound. He also listened carefully and gave much-valued advice while I was putting together recordings. And he’s a nice guy–you won’t feel intimidated, but you will learn a lot.” – Steve Painter

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