Mission of Burma

On Cornet at the Roxy in LA, Aug.2014.  Photo Michelle Shiers.

On Cornet at the Roxy in LA, Aug.2014. Photo Michelle Shiers.

May 2017: Tone Report: 9 absolutely essential Post-Punk Guitarists
Miller is listed at number two.

Jan. 2017:  POP MATTERS’ “50 Best Post-Punk Albums ever.”
Mission of Burma listed at number 19.

Dec. 2017:  The Mission of Burma documentary “Not a Photograph” was included in the Huffington Post’s 18 Documentaries you need to watch on Hulu Right Now.   We’re in there with the Stones “Gimme Shelter”, Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Look Back”, and “The Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins”.  Pretty amazing – comparatively, we are almost nobody.

July 2015:  Interview with Miller in the UK mag: DROWNED IN SOUND.

Dec. 2012:  A very thorough interview with Miller, covering lots of territory and Mission of Burma is here in The Quietus.

July 2011:  Dallas Observer Mission of Burma interview w/Roger,

London, Dec. 2012.    Photo by Valerio Berdini.

London, Dec. 2012. Photo by Valerio Berdini.

“It’s not for everyone but I’m really not concerned.
Should it bother me?
When it’s really been beyond what anyone could have expected.”
(ADD in Unison)

Mission of Burma formed in 1979 out of the ashes of the Moving Parts.  Using Roger’s Moving Parts songs as a starting point, Clint Conley quickly wrote Peking Spring.  Peter Prescott’s first “real” composition was Learn How, which appeared on the only album they released during their first phase, Vs.  Lots of “press cred”, not much “popular support.”  Playing to baffled audiences was par for the course.  The band folded in 1983 due to Miller’s worsening tinnitus (ringing in the ears, damage from loud volume).

Oddly enough, they reformed in 2002, and have released 4 albums since, performing to much larger audiences than they did “back in the day”.   I guess they are “one of those bands.”

Mission of Burma’s fourth Reformation album, UNSOUND, is now out on FIRE RECORDS.

When Miller first heard the rough mixes for UNSOUND, he thought it sounded “like the Yardbirds squeezed through Wire.”
“UNSOUND is the only Burma album we’ve made since Vs. that I can listen to start to finish, never lose interest, and come out grinning when it’s over.” RCM.

Mission of Burma

Mission of Burma Facebook

Miller in Mission of Burma, 2012, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY. Photo: Amanda Hatfield

Miller in Sproton Layer in 1970, Big Steel Ballroom, Ann Arbor, MI. Photo: Mark Brahce

Miller would like to point out that he wrote the song OUTLAW half a year before any Gang of Four record made it to the U.S.A.  The same thing with PEKING SPRING: it was written (and recorded) before Clint heard any Gang of Four songs.  Of course, the minute the band heard Gang of Four records, shortly after PEKING SPRING was released to local radio, they loved them.

Onstage outdoors in Brooklyn, summer 2010.

Mission of Burma Day in Boston, Oct.4, 2010. Official Proclamation.

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