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The Anvil Orchestra

There’s a new silent film accompanying group in town: The Anvil Orchestra! This ensemble features two members from the Alloy Orchestra, Terry Donahue and Roger C. Miller. Larry Dersch (Trinary System, AKA/COD, Concussion Ensemble) has agreed to be a part-time member when the full percussion array is required for action. The Anvil Orchestra will continue the silent film accompanying tradition of Alloy Orchestra, while adding its own spin to the proceedings. The group’s first performance was METROPOLIS at SNF NOSTOS in Athens, Greece, on Aug.28, (virtual due to Covid). They premiered their first new score, to Dziga Vertov’s “The History of the Civil War”, at the IDFA festival in Amsterdam on Nov.20. For upcoming shows and other information, HERE is our Web Site. And HERE is our FaceBook page. Join in!