Related to Miller’s 2020 art installation: “Transmuting the Prosaic”:

WRCM T-shirt: S/M/L/XL. $27.50 (incl. S+H).
Due to the nature of this product, sales are final, no returns.
Sizes are very reasonable and the quality of the t-shirt is very good, more fitted than “Beefy T’s”
The image is the classic “TV Off” test pattern image from the ’60’s/’70’s reimagined by graphic designer Joanne Kaliontzis. Often the stations would have their call letters included. Here it is WRCM: you are in the Roger Clark Miller channel. Transmuting the Prosaic, the title of his art installation, is in smaller letters below.

Signals calls and Marches lyric sheet (embossed 2020 version).
For the lyric sheet to Mission of Burma’s 1981 EP “Signals Calls and Marches”, Miller compiled all the words and listed them in alphabetical order. In 2018, he corrected the few words and spelling errors to make it 100% accurate. For this limited edition piece, the lyrics are debossed letterpress printed on high quality black paper, 11″X14″. The print references the Modified Vinyl piece “SCM Lyric Sheet” that is part of the exhibition, which has the same words etched into a 12” record.

POP Record/evolving b/w Four Bars of a Bach Fugue.
Each 12″ custom made. Side A is a re-recording of Miller’s record noise created in 1985 onto a lacquer, which wears away and constantly evolves with new pops/scratches appearing. On the b-side, the Bach Fugue score is etched into the record via screw-driver by the artist.



Trinary System, digital only (Bandcamp):
Lights in the Center of Your Head (LP)
Amplify the Amplifiers (7″ 45 and five-song digital EP)
Trinary System, Vinyl:    Available at Miller’s Concerts.
Lights in the Center of Your Head vinyl from Feeding Tube Records
MAGNET Magazine, Sept. 2019
“If Burma at its best had the jostling, bounded chaos of a really physical basketball game, Trinary System is a bit more like pro soccer.”

Big Steam (45/download).  Available at Miller’s Concerts.
The Skinny, Glasgow, Scotland: SINGLE OF THE MONTH #1:
“I like those opening chords – that’s guitar how I want it to be played, like nasty and dissonant. Can you turn this up? That’s a good sound, it’s got a sort of swagger to it. It had me from the intro to be honest. That’s a guitar having a bad time… Yeah, that guitar solo is wicked.”

F.U.K. 45    Available at Miller’s Concerts.
The crushing 1977 proto-Riot Grrrl archival  7″ from F.U.K. gets the feature treatment from Dusted Magazine. 
Here’s this chugging 2-chord riff coming at you, and then it bursts into a guitar solo that sounds like a wet robot frying in a vat of acid.”

Via Miller’s Bandcamp Site:

The Big Industry (Maximum Electric Piano, 1987), digital only. With extensive PDF booklet
NY Times:
“Mr. Miller is doing for the electric piano what Hendrix did for the guitar, creating a new vocabulary of electronic noises… with enough distortion an electric piano sounds a lot like an electric guitar… but Mr. Miller’s songs have jolts in all the right places.”

Elemental Guitar, 1995, digital only. With PDF booklet.
Magnet, Oct.’95:
“I’m most impressed by the instrumentals “Dream Interpretation No,.7” and “Dream Interpretation No.8″, which dip, swirl and turn inside out in pursuit of Miller’s elliptical dream logic.”

M2: At Land’s Edge. Digital only.
LP Only    OOP.   Available at Miller’s Concerts.
ARTSFUSE, June 2012.
“In fact each song, for me, conjured up a very specific visual scene, musical storytelling at it’s best. Without the guidance of vocals and lyrics, the listener is encouraged to muse on what each song means emotionally and visually.”

Roger Miller: Oh. LP
NYTimes, Jan.’89:
“Avant-garde Record of the Week: For all their groaning and moaning, the tunes have a comfortable, accessible feel that belies their experimental nature.”


Mission of Burma: UNSOUND (LP/CD/Download).
Alloy Orchestra: Many Many DVDs/CDs/BluRays (even LP!) with Alloy Scores
Ugly Things Magazine, Oct. 2011:
“I would rate Sproton Layer one of the most worth-while reissues of 2011, and it will drop the jaw of those who think they’ve heard everything from the classic psych era”. (Patrick Lundborg).

Visual Art/Frottage drawings:
Virtual Gallery:  Frottage-Scrawls 2004-2009
Frottage Virtual Gallery: Early Period 2001-2002
Frottage Virtual Gallery: Recent
Many other pieces available not in these galleries if interested.

Ukrainian Tree Spirit. Kiev, May 15, 2013

Ukrainian Tree Spirit. Kiev, May 15, 2013


2 responses to “Store

  • William Gillespie

    Dear Mr. Miller, I am William, your Ebertfest fan freak. Amazing job with Varietie! Wow. Well, I went to your website, and there’s not a lot of merch here, and some dead links. If you are in a position to sell and ship to me directly your cage cover, or point me to a link, or Sproton on vinyl, or M2, or tell me which of your decades-old records are your favorites, I’d like to dig deeper into your musical mind. AND if Alloy ever released music on vinyl NOT through Third Man, I’d pick it up. I’m also into trading my books for your music, if you do the underground art barter economy. Cheers, man! (Somewhere in Massachusetts there is a pebble painted green on one side that goes with my copy of “Oh.”)

    • Roger Clark Miller

      Hey William. I just corrected virtually all the links. Not sure where the FWP 45 (w/the Cage track) is at present. If I find some, I’ll bring ’em to next year’s Ebert. We’re doing the stunning “Page of Madness” next year. Tript out is the way to describe it!

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