Trinary System

June 2024:
Trinary System completed the final mixes for their second full-length album. It promises to rock harder and be more expansive at the same time. It will be released on Cuneiform Records in 2025.
The band is also mixing a live track for the Spooky Tree Records compilation of current Boston bands, slated for late 2024.

Trinary System is Miller’s current rock ensemble (2013 to present). He plays guitar, sings and composes. Larry Dersch (Binary System, AKACOD, etc.) is on drums and Andrew Willis (the Web, Crappy Nightmareville) is on bass, vocals and electronics. The band doesn’t play often, but continues to develop its sound. While it starts from Miller’s compositions, the band has an intuitive approach where each member contributes considerably. The band is more psychedelic and much less punk than Miller’s previous rock ensemble, Mission of Burma.

Our plans to record the basic tracks for our next album in June 2020 have, um, rather been knocked off track. Who knows when it will happen. But when it does happen, we’ll be ready.

Amplify the Amplifiers (April 2016, Fun World Records). 5-song EP.
Digital HERE (Vinyl now only at shows):
The Noise, Boston.  May 2016:
“There is skronk, feedback, flash, psyche, R & B vamps, classical and more. It is also a very rock ’n’ roll record, with choruses and everything. It just rocks a little weirder, and a lot better, than almost anything else you’ve ever heard in your life.”

Lights in the Center of Your Head (Feeding Tube Records). June 2019
Digital HERE
MAGNET Magazine, Sept. 2019:
“If Burma at its best had the jostling, bounded chaos of a really physical basketball game, Trinary System is a bit more like pro soccer.”

Trinary System VT, photo Deb
Trinary System in Vermont, May 2014.  Photo: Debra McLaughlin


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