Trinary System

The Trinary System is Miller’s most active rock ensemble.  He plays guitar and sings and composes, with Larry Dersch (Binary System, AKACOD, etc.) on drums and Andrew Willis (the Web, Crappy Nightmareville) on bass, vocals and electronics. The band started in 2012, playing only a few shows a year. In 2017 they hit their stride, feeling quite comfortable on large stages such as The Sinclair in Boston and 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.  The band mixes hooks with experimental improvisation, complex structures vs. monolithic grooves, and funk elements with psychedelia and post-punk. They are feeling quite excited about how things are progressing.
Their first full-length album, “Lights in the Center of Your Head”, is due out June 1, 2019, on Feeding Tube Records. “Extremely Pepped” is an understatement as to how the band feels about this.

Trinary System Web Site HERE.

The Trinary System’s First Release!

Amp the Amp cover

7″ 45 Dave Davies b/w This House.  Comes with EP Download card.


Hasslefest Boston, 2017. Photo Ben Stas.

Trinary System VT, photo DebTrinary System in Vermont, May 2014.  Photo: Debra McLaughlin

Live video from Geno’s Maine: “I Lead a Modular Life” Oct.2014.

 The BIG STEAM VIDEO was posted in mid-September, 2012.  It was picked as “Video of the Week” in the Boston Phoenix.

Interesting 2012 interview with Mr. Miller




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