Upcoming Shows

Transmuting the Prosaic

Miller’s first art installation, “Transmuting the Prosaic”, opens on March 14, 2020, at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center.  The work consists of two parts: his first film, “The Davis Square Symphony”, will run on a loop against the far wall of the room. On the left wall will be five of his Modified Vinyl pieces, some etched, some audio, some inked. In front of each will be a listening station to hear either a copy of the record that is on the wall, or audio relating to it. One of the Modified Vinyl records on the wall consists of all the lyrics to “Signals Calls and Marches” (in alphabetical order) inked ONTO a record. At the listening station, there will be a 7″ 45 with those same words isolated from the record and sequenced in quick succession, to be listened to while one reads them on the wall. It’s a real mind-bend… 

Currently the Museum is closed, but the show will soon be available as a virtual gallery. The duration of the gallery show itself may well go to early October rather than end in June as originally intended. This will be updated when new information becomes definite.

  “Four Bars of a Bach Fugue” on the back of the original “POP Record/evolving.” (1985)

Related Concerts

The concerts have been cancelled/postponed for obvious reasons. There is a strong likelihood they will happen in October, 2020.

March 26: I.C.A. Boston;    
March 28: MassMoCA, North Adams, MA;     
April 3: Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA.
April 4: Rhizome, Washington, DC. (Guitar only).  
The concerts incorporate two directions in Miller’s current musical work.
1. Dream-State Guitar:
This is an updated version of his Elemental Guitar work from the mid-1990’s. With a customized Stratocaster 6-string, three altered/prepared lap-steel guitars, a new looping device (the Boomerang III) and many sound-altering devices, this is his take on a “One-Person Guitar Chamber Ensemble”. All the music will be structured by dreams, utilizing his “Dream Interpretation” technique. The unconscious mind is expressed by extended techniques and attitudes in the electric guitars.
2. New Music for String Quartet (with The Ludovico Ensemble):
The Ludovico Ensemble played Miller’s Tufts University concert fall 2018 excellently. The culmination of this concert will be “Music for String Quartet and Two Turn-tables”, where a pre-recorded 12″ record plays continuously to define the composition. This record utilizes primarily record noise (referencing his “POP Record/evolving” Modified Vinyl piece), sometimes raw, sometimes organized into beats and structures.
New England Conservatory in 2010. Miller’s first chamber music concert since CalArts in 1976. Photo: Bill T. Miller
Altered “Lap-Steel” Guitar, i.e., a “portable prepared piano”.