Virtual Surrealist Frottage Gallery: 2004-2009

Solo Exquisite Corpse/Scrawl-Frottage.  9/1/08  Color sticks with frottcils on paper.  8.5″X11″.  $100.00
Mr. Flower Pot.  8/25/08  Solo Exquisite Corpse/Scrawl-Frottage.  Color sticks with frottcils on paper.  8.5″X11″.  $150.00.  SOLD.
The Classical.  10/11/04  Pordenone, Italy.  Graphite on paper.   8.5″X11″  $150.00
Upthrust.  6/23/06  River Gods, Cambridge, MA.   Graphite on paper.  8.5″X11″  $125.00  SOLD.
Mosaic Gardens.  5/18/23  Kiev, Ukraine.   $150.00 Graphite and color sticks on paper.  SOLD.
Above/Below.  6/08  Barcelona, SP.  Graphite and Anti-frottcils on paper.  8.5″X11″.  $75.00
Three Green Beings/Peas.  6/16/08  Spring Lounge, NYC.  Graphite and color sticks with anti-frottcils on paper.    8.5″X11″.  $100.00
Portrait of a Wine Saleswoman.  3/17/07  The Distillery, NY.  Graphite and color sticks with frottcils on paper.    8.5″X11″.  $75.00
Four Panel Comic-strip.  9/18/09  Iowa.   Black pen and Graphite with frottcils on Paper.   8.5″X11″.  $100.00
Post-Neo-Apocalypse.  5/10/06  Virtual Planet, Brighton, MA.  Graphite and spray paint on paper.  8.5″X11″.  $100.00  SOLD.
Untitled.  9/1/05  Mountain Village, Telluride, CO.   Graphite and Conte Crayon on paper.   8.5″X11″  $100.00

Each title includes date and location: these are what drives a frottage drawing.
These drawings are 8.5″X11″ or smaller because that size fits in my backpack.  I tour/travel pretty much all the time.
Note – all images are slightly cut off at a couple edges due to the scanner.

Frottage Signature for ZuZu's solo show.
Frottage Signature for ZuZu’s solo show.

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