Summer 2024

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DaDa Capitalist Bookmarks

“DaDa Capitalist” Bookmarks available now! 
Limited edition of 24. Hand-numbered and signed by the artist. (Born on Feb.17, 2024).
This commercial enterprise is designed to make exactly zero money, and also to lose exactly zero money. Seemingly a Dada Capitalist gesture. All costs are materials and mailing. No money goes to the artist or the guy who hand-packs these items.
If you use Paypal, your cost is $1.31 (this includes the Paypal charge). If you use VENMO, or send a check, your cost is $1.27
Please send the exact amount: DO NOT SEND AN OVERAGE. The last one I sold paid $0.34 over the fee. I couldn’t mail it back without incurring a loss, which defeats the purpose of the work.
If interested, contact me in the “Mailing List” link above.

This is one of four different bookmarks utilizing Miller’s Density Drawings. Each bookmark is hand numbered, signed and dated.

Upcoming Album Releases:

We here at Fun World Music know that 2025 seems like a long ways off, but that’s when these two new Miller-based albums are coming out, both on Cuneiform Records.
1. Feb.28, 2025: “Curiosity for Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble” is an expansion upon the first album of this kind of music, “Eight Dream Interpretations for Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble.”
2. Mid-2025: the second full-length by Trinary System. Took ’em long enough to make it happen, but better late than never. A solid up-grade from “Lights in the Center of Your Head”.
Trinary System is also mixing a live track for the Spooky Tree Records compilation of current Boston bands. One of our favorite Boston bands, “E”, will also be on the record. Great! This record is due out by the end of 2024 (we think).

Preparing to play with Clint, Hugo Burnham (and his daughter Ts!) AND Wille Alexander for Willie’s 80th birthday party in January. Photo: Wayne Valdez.

Shows start up again in September. 

Taking time off this summer to take stock of things. But once late summer kicks in in September, things pick back up. A mix of Anvil Orchestra and “Solo Electric Guitar Ensemble.”

The Anvil Orchestra (duo version). Photo by RCM, “corrected” by Joanne Kaliontzis.

Recent Interviews:

It’s Psychedelic Baby:
Extensive written interview with myself and brothers Laurence and Benjamin, starting in childhood, through the blossoming of Sproton Layer and on through punk to the present. Includes photos from the times, some quite amusing!

Conan Neutron’s Protonic Reversal:
A very thorough podcast interview with Mr. Miller, covering lots of territory from quite a while ago up to the present. Burma, conceptual art, Dream Interpretations, chamber music, Trinary System, Anvil Orchestra and more!

M3:M3 album cover out-take (New Alliance Records, 1993): L to R: Roger, Benjamin, Laurence (Miller). Photo: David Gilbertson.  

Cool Concerts I recently attended:

Sapling at the Lowell Town and City Festival. Really original unorthodox yet highly entertaining ensemble, these gals and guy they are. Since I was on just before them at the festival, I sat in with them on cornet and guitar. Makes music worth-while!
Killah Priest at the Stone Church, Brattleboro, VT. I don’t know that much about his music, though I know enough to know that the WuTang was “different”. So I made it to the show. A couple opening rappers varied in their qualities, but the moment K.P. hit the stage you knew that he knew. Folks in the audience seemed to know many of the tracks and were vocalizing along, and he really interacted with the DJ making it more than just a karaoke gimmick. I was especially impressed that even though there were 70 people at the most, way less than he’d play to in WuTang, he seemed to give it his all. Very glad I went.  
Messthetics at Black Cat, Washington DC and the Crystal Ballroom, Somerville, MA. Well, the reason I saw them twice was that I opened for them doing my “Dream Interpretation” set. Given that the rhythm section was from Fugazi, and I’d seen Anthony Pirog on guitar a couple times already, it was very comfortable and a great hang. They were pretty smokin’ too!

Miller sitting in on cornet w/Sapling. (sorry, not certain of photographer)

Daily Life

The construction project on our house is close to complete. Now all we have to do is make sense out of every room! We’re on the way but seemingly a long ways still to go.

View of the forest across the meadow from our deck.

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